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Funerals and Eulogies Questions

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  1. Is there any funding/assistance for the funeral?

    It's good that you've been able to get assistance from the Jewish Federation and the funeral home. Each of those should be able to also give you some advice with the charges you mention. Those expenses are from the cemetery and someone at the cemetery should be able to give you guidance and maybe ev...
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  2. Where to go for help with buried assistance?

    Usually if someone is getting assistance from SSI when they're living, they are eligible for burial/funeral assistance. Check with your funeral home or try calling the Missouri Office of Social Services at 573-751-4815.
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  3. What Is a "Green Funeral?"

    A green funeral involves conducting final arrangements and disposing of a body in ways that restore and conserve the environment, without using the harmful chemicals and nonbiodegradable materials commonly used by the funeral industry.
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  4. How Does Embalming Work?

    Embalming is a process in which blood and gases are removed from a body and replacement fluids are pumped in to temporarily retard its disintegration.
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  5. Can a funeral home check if life insurance policy was paid out without my consent?

    It's understandable to be concerned about your privacy rights when a funeral home checks without your consent to see if a policy was paid out.
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  6. How Do I Include My Father in My Mother's Obituary?

    As to listing divorced parents in an obituary, it is often good to do so as it 'explains' the children's names in cases where the divorced parent has either remarried or reverted back to her maiden name. Not to overly stress it, a predeceased ex-spouse can be included in a list such as "She is pred...
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  7. What to Wear to a Memorial Service?

    I've seen people be self-conscious about just coming from work and not wanting to stop by the funeral home in work clothes. Go anyhow! People will appreciate more that you cared enough to come than about what you're wearing.
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  8. If Medicare and Medicad offer funeral benefits, are there restrictions if someone committed suicide?

    Medicare and Medicaid vary from state to state, so for an exact answer you'll need to contact a benefits adviser in your state. That said, Medicare and Medicaid do not, as a rule, pay death benefits beyond the Social Security program's $255 one-time payment to surviving spouse or children. These pr...
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  9. My ex husband's mom is dying and they dont have money to bury her need help

    Hello Olga,
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  10. Should I Bring a Young Child to a Funeral or Memorial Service?

    Take your cues from the child. A child who is four to nine years old or so, who has formed a relationship with the deceased person, will also be likely to grieve the death. Depending on the specific age, maturity level, and emotional makeup of a particular child, attending a funeral or memorial serv...
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  11. How Is a Catholic Funeral Service Different From Other Funeral Services?

    There are many differences between the dictates of traditional Catholic funerals, to which many still adhere, and more relaxed modern practices.
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  12. How Is a Jewish Funeral Service Different From Other Funeral Services?

    Jewish funeral services are generally held very soon after a death occurs -- often on the same day, but within 24 hours if possible -- at a chapel, the gravesite, or both. A closed wooden casket containing the deceased is usually present, draped in a simple cloth. There's no public or private viewin...
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  13. How Is a Muslim Funeral Service Different From Other Funeral Services?

    Although there are some variations due to regional interpretations and customs, Islamic funerals follow fairly specific rites that include washing and shrouding the body, funeral prayers, and burial.
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  14. Should I bring my four-year-old to my father's funeral?

    In general, I think it's a good idea for your daughter to attend the service. Participating in a celebration of your father's life will help her accept and grieve the loss, and as you point out, it will give her a fuller picture of who your father was. At the same time, I think it's important to res...
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  15. What are the requirements for an open coffin viewing for someone who wants to be cremated?

    The first step for you to take is to look closely at the documents specifying how the title is held to the property you mentioned. Generally, property that you own with another person -- in joint tenancy, tenancy by the entirety, or community property with right of survivorship -- passes directly to...
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  16. What sort of refreshments should I have at a wake?

    This is an interesting question. And I think it has a simple answer: Whatever you want. A wake is a vigil, a time for watching over or being with the deceased before burial. Wakes are social events that almost always include refreshments, food and drinks. Alcoholic beverages are perfectly appropriat...
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  17. Who is responsible for funeral costs?

    Burial costs are generally covered by the estate of the person who died if there is enough money and property of value in the estate to cover those costs. Survivors are often asked to pay the costs to a funeral home before or soon after goods and services are provided, then those costs are reimburse...
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  18. What is the standard donation for a minister who performs a memorial service?

    Thank you for telling me your area. Like most services, the price can be quite different depending where you live. In your area, the current fee ranges between $200 and $250.
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  19. Can I legally use Dad's money for funeral expenses after his death?

    What happened in your situation is perfectly common and understandable"”especially since some creditors, such as those providing funeral goods and services, are less than likely to accept delayed payment plans these days. And the fact that you are fretting over the possibility of getting into troubl...
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  20. Shouldn't I have been included in the obituary of my ex-husband?

    Please accept my condolences. Just because your relationship was as an ex-spouse, it doesn't change that you grieve and feel a sense of loss. That is probably exactly why you feel left out to have not been mentioned in the obituary.
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