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Foot Problems Questions

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  1. What could cause my father's foot to swell twice it's normal size?

    There are many things that can cause swelling in the feet and ankles. If the swelling is on both sides, we worry about venous insufficiency, cardiac issues and lymphedema to name a few. If it is primarily on one side, we worry about a blood clot (also known as a DVT), infection and injury. These...
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  2. What's the Best Way to Deal With Swollen Feet and Ankles?

    The first and best way to bring down swelling (edema) in the feet and ankles is to find and treat the underlying cause, if there is one. That's why you should bring the problem to the attention of a doctor or other healthcare provider when you notice an increase in swelling in one or both feet that ...
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  3. How Do I Trim an Older Person's Toenails?

    The best way to trim the toenails of an older adult at home is to trim them straight across, if possible. Rounding the edges encourages ingrown toenails. If the nails are thick, try soaking the feet in warm water prior to trimming.
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  4. Are Swelling Feet in Someone Who's Bed-Bound a Sign of Impending Death?

    No, swelling isn't necessarily a sign of imminent death. In a bed-bound person, newly detected swelling is more likely due to one of the typical causes of edema. These can include:
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  5. Should I Worry About Swollen Feet or Legs in an Older Person?

    Swelling of the feet, which is very common in older adults, can be a warning sign but most often is due to garden-variety aging of the leg veins. Whether to worry generally depends on:
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  6. Are swollen red ankles a cause for concern?

    There are many reasons that people get swelling (edema) in their feet and legs. Since your dad's feet don't seem to be getting better after cutting down on his salt intake, and elevating his legs, I would call the doctor to let him know. The fact that your dad's feet are red concerns me, as this can...
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  7. Can smelly feet indicate a health problem?

    Chronically smelly feet can be caused by many problems, including hyperhydrosis (excess sweat), fungal infections, or stress, to name a few. Keep in mind that your feet have more sweat glands then anywhere else in the body, and they are usually trapped all day with no air ventilation in shoes. To ...
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  8. How foods help gout pain?

    While there are no foods that have been proven to relieve symptoms of a severe gouty attack, there is some anecdotal evidence that tart cherry juice may be helpful. Food choices are extremely important in preventing attacks. It is important to avoid these types of foods: "¢ beer "¢ wine (especial...
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  9. What can I do about recurring calluses on my feet?

    Recurrent foot calluses are a very difficult problem. There is no permanent cure for many types of calluses. There are ways to help your pain including regular trimmings by a podiatrist, use of creams(such as urea based creams like Carmol), and custom orthotics which can take the pressure off the p...
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  10. Can toenail fungus cause numbness?

    Your husband has two very common problems associated with aging: toenail fungus and numbness in the feet. It is important to realize, however, that these problems are not linked. Toenail fungus is caused by a variety of common fungi that can also cause athlete's foot. Numbness in the feet has many p...
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  11. I have foot pain but my podiatrist says the swollen area is just fat!

    When a patient comes to see their podiatrist for foot pain, sometimes it is difficult to diagnose. Your foot's reaction to the treatment so far is very valuable information in establishing the true cause of your problem. There are many causes of pain in the back of the foot including tendinitis, ar...
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  12. What would cause a stinging feeling in the pads of my toes?

    There are many causes of tingling, burning or stinging in the pads of the toes. Depending on the location and which toes, it can be caused by a benign enlargement of a nerve in your foot called a neuroma. Another possibility is a condition where a nerve gets trapped at the level of the ankle. Thi...
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  13. What could be causing dad's hot, itchy feet at night?

    There are several possible causes of hot and itchy feet. One of the more common causes is athlete's foot, a fungal infection of the skin. With this problem, you will likely see scaling, flaking or cracking of the skin on the bottom of the feet or between the toes. It can be treated by an over the...
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  14. What could be some causes for ankle swelling?

    There are multiple causes of ankle swelling. If the swelling is limited to one ankle, it can be caused by tendinitis, a cyst or other soft tissue mass, varicose veins, trauma, infection or arthritis, amongst other things.
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  15. What Causes Toenails to Become Thick and Yellow?

    There are many possible causes of yellowing, thickened toenails. The two most common are fungus and trauma.
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  16. What can be done for skin breaks between my toes?

    Often times, skin cracks or breaks between the toes are caused by a fungal infection known as athlete's foot. It can cause itching and burning as well. This type of skin infection should be treated with topical antifungal medication. There are several good over the counter products like Lamisil and...
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  17. What might my mom's unexplained but severe foot pain be?

    There are so many different things that could be causing pain and swelling in your mom's foot. Sometimes, unfortunately, the true diagnosis isn't always obvious to even the best of doctors right away. If I were seeing your mom, there are several steps I might consider taking. Sometimes fractures, ...
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  18. Why do I get cramping in the arch of my right foot when exercising?

    There are several reasons you might be experiencing foot cramps while exercising. Here are some ideas and tips: 1. Dehydration can be a cause, so be sure to drink plenty of fluids before, during and after your pilates class. 2. Cramping can also be caused by a lack of potassium or calcium in your...
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  19. What's the Best Way to Dress Bunions?

    Bunions can be very painful! Let's see if we can help your mom get relief. First, I hope she's being cared for by a podiatrist. If not, she should make an appointment. A podiatrist can be helpful with recommending shoes or supports that can reduce pain -- as well as with treatment.
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  20. What causes swollen feet?

    Many things can cause swelling of the feet.  This swelling can be mild or extreme, depending on the degree of the problem causing it. 
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