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  1. My mother is 86 years old, and in very poor health. She has...

    First of all, have you talked to her doctors about your mother's increased confusion? Unfortunately, it's not possible from this vantage point to pin down the source of her confusion. Her general poor health, her congestive heart failure, and her multiple medications may all be implicated, but be su...
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  2. What is the difference between seroquol and zyprexa?

    Quetiapine (brand name: Seroquel and olanzapine (brand name: Zyprexa) are both from a class of medications called atypical antipsychotics.  The main difference between them is in the side effects that they're likely to cause.  All medications in this class of drugs can cause falls, confusion, and dr...
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  3. Are there any effective medications to assist with combative...

    Yes, there are some medications that are sometimes used to treat behavioral symptoms associated with Alzheimer's. These include antidepressants and antipsychotics. Because they can have serious side effects, they're considered a last resort. Their use also needs to be monitored carefully. Longterm u...
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  4. Can we donate brain tissue?

    Hi. Best for you to contact your local medical center and they will help you be specific about organ or tissue donation. All the best,Dan Tobin 
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  5. How many medications are too many?

    It's impossible to say whether ten pills daily is too many, just right, or even too few, without knowing all the specifics relating to your mother's health. But you're right to be concerned about it, since -- given the reality of today's overloaded practice environments -- it's easy for prescription...
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  6. Do Chantix side effects include body fluid odor or bad breath?

    Chantix can cause mouth dryness, which can definitely contribute to bad breath. This side effect can be made better by chewing gum or sucking on sugarless candies. Regarding the change in your body fluid odor, it makes sense that since the medication is drying, that your body fluids would become m...
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  7. What is an i-pill drug?

    There are actually 2 things known as the "i-pill" drug. First, there is a emergency contraceptive pill sold in drug stores in India called the i-pill, but it is not available in the US. However, the i-pill I think you are referring to is made by a company called Philips, and currently it contains ...
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  8. How can I predict behavior changes in my father, who has hepatitis?

    Reading your question, you do not say if your father has dementia or other serious medical problems, other than his hepatitis. If he is already sick or has dementia, and his behaviors are getting worse over time, it may just be due to his health failing or an increase in his dementia.
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  9. Is Prednisone normally prescribed to boost appetite?

    Prednisone boost appetite: Prednisone can be used to boost appetite. Usually it is used as a short-term appetite stimulant (due to the potential side effects). Your husband's likelihood of experiencing certain side effects will depend on his dose and length of time he is taking prednisone. Some...
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  10. Can sertaline cause dizziness and can you wean from it without withdrawal symptoms?

    Dear anonymous-
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  11. Can the nursing home force my mom to take coumadin?

    Your question is complex, so I'm going to break it into parts. You ask if the nursing home can force a patient (your mom) to take medication.
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  12. My husband's symptoms seem to have improved, does he really have Alzheimer's?

    It is possible that your husband has a variation of Alzheimer's (for instance, Lewy Body disease) that may progress at a different pace. It is always helpful to get a full neuro-psychiatric evaluation to understand the diagnosis and the progression. Multi-infarct dementia will progress differently t...
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  13. If Alzheimer's medications slow the progression of Alzheimer's for 6-12 months in 50% of patients, what happens in the other 50%?

    Now that's a really logical question! In the other 50% there is generally no change noted in cognitive, physical or behavioral function. This may mean the diagnosis is a related disease and not 'true' Alzheimer's disease(AD) or, that the change is too insignificant to be measurable. Frequently, w...
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  14. Does taking Risperdal harm your teeth?

    I have looked in several drug information resource and performed a literature search. To date, I see no evidence linking risperdal to teeth discoloration. Are you or your family member taking a tablet or liquid formulation?
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  15. Why can't my mom use medications while her bedsores heal?

    Bedsores (also called pressure ulcers) can be a serious and even life-threatening situation. There are numerous different medications and therapies such as vitamins, wound-healing agents, and antibiotics that can play an important role in the treatment of bed sores. Serious pressure ulcers can not ...
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  16. FAQ: Can Delirium Symptoms Be Treated With Medications?

    Yes, delirium symptoms can sometimes (but not always) be treated with medications. For such symptoms of delirium as extra confusion, agitation, or aggression, low doses of antipsychotics may be prescribed. These drugs, such as haloperidol (Haldol), risperidone (Risperdal), and quetiapine (Seroquel),...
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  17. Nobody knows why I am having these symptoms.

    Oh dear, this sounds very difficult for you. I'm not a doctor, but based on what your wrote, I think you need to be seen again -- in person -- perhaps by a new doctor. I'm a big advocate for getting second and even third opinions, if need be. Something is going on with you, and your quest (and yes, ...
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  18. Can residental board and care be deducted as a medical expense?

    Medical expenses can be tax deductible if they exceed 7.5 percent of someone's adjusted gross income. But the key word there is "medical." Most of what is provided to a resident of a board and care home consists of a room, meals, and assistance with the activities of daily living. For the most pa...
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  19. Where can I find a stroke specialist to examine my mother in hospice care?

    I would start by asking her doctors or medical team. It sounds like you're specifically looking for a specialist who does home visits (a rarity, indeed, but not unheard of.) Your mom's hospice team should know who does this in your area, and be able to make referrals. You can also check with a geria...
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  20. Can care suffer if a patient sees several doctors in a practice as opposed to one?

    Thanks for your question. It seems you're saying your patient sees different doctors at the same clinic, as opposed to one. Does he always go to the same clinic?  If he always goes to the same clinic, he should have one file or set of medical records there; which all doctors use and consult.  This s...
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