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Diabetes Questions

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  1. How serious is type 2 diabetes? Is it more serious than type 1 diabetes?

    No, definitely not. In fact, in some ways type 2 diabetes is a more serious disorder because your mom may have had it for years before she was diagnosed. So she may well have developed some of the long-term, debilitating complications linked to the condition without knowing it.In addition, since typ...
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  2. Can Someone Who's Prediabetic Make Dietary Changes to Avoid Full-Blown Diabetes?

    Yes -- and the single most important thing to do to reverse a prediabetic condition and make insulin resistance go away is to lose weight, preferably through a combination of diet and exercise.
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  3. Because of her diabetes, my mom has nerve damage to her feet -- what kind of footwear does she need to avoid problems?

    Think extra foot support and protection at all times for a parent with neuropathy. In practical terms that means shoes that are sturdy enough so that you can't fold them into a pretzel shape or wring them out like a towel. Your mom needs the extra support because people with neuropathy often can't f...
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  4. My mom has type 2 diabetes, so does that mean I'll get it?

    Family history is a risk factor for diabetes. If one of your parents has type 2 diabetes, you're at slightly increased risk of developing the disease. If both your parents have the disease, your risk is much greater.
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  5. Should a person with uncontrolled blood sugar be on an insulin pump?

    An insulin pump does not automatically not make blood sugar control better.  A pump can be used as an alternative way to deliver insulin.  A person on a pump still needs to check blood sugars regularly.  In addition, the person wearing a pump needs to learn how to program a pump to determine sensiti...
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  6. How common is Type 1.5 diabetes?

    Type 1.5 is not an official classification of diabetes, although it is referred to in diabetes circles in the way you have described. The majority of people with type 2 diabetes will need insulin at some point in their lifetime. Many people think that if you need insulin, it automatically equates ty...
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  7. What type of doctor should I see for leg and foot swelling?

    Chronic swelling your legs can have many causes, but it sounds like you have been evaluated for this problem already by both your primary doctor and the vascular doctor. My guess is that you have a condition known as venous insufficiency, which is caused by the weakening of the veins in your legs. ...
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  8. How much fruit is acceptable for a diabetic?

    Fruit is a healthy source of carbohydrate, something that we need to survive. Too many carbs, even in the form of fruit, may make the blood sugar (blood glucose) rise to unhealthy levels for a person with diabetes. And without a source of protein in a meal, in this case breakfast, someone taking ins...
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  9. What are some natural ways I can control my diabetes?

    I am delighted to hear that you are not on medication to control your diabetes and are seeking natural methods for control. Your elevated fasting blood sugars and signs of neuropathy (particularly if related to the diabetes) are a concern and should be further investigated by your physician to dete...
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  10. What do all of these diabetic test results mean?

    The numbers described are codes used to specify a diagnosis; they are not laboratory results. "NOS" stands for not otherwise classified, again - medical diagnosis jargon.
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  11. Are the pains I'm feeling related to diabetes?

    It depends on the location of the stinging feelings. Typically, uncontrolled diabetes impacts the ability of the nerve endings to work properly. This usually shows up in the feet and hands, affecting both sides equally.
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  12. What Can I Do About an Open Sore on the Foot That Won't Heal?

    A foot that has an open sore that isn't healing should be evaluated by a podiatrist or other physician for diagnosis and treatment. If the wound has been present for a while, it needs medical care both in order to avoid infection and in order to see what the underlying cause might be.
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  13. Should my active parent check his blood sugar during exercise?

    Your father should check his blood glucose if he notices symptoms such as shakiness, nervousness, vision changes, hunger, dizziness, headache, confusion, or sweating. These are all potential signs of low blood sugar, which can be brought on by physical activity.
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  14. How long does insulin last once it's been opened?

    As a general rule, most bottles of insulin are good for 28 days once they're opened. Of course, how quickly a person goes through a vial is highly individual. Some may go through a bottle in a week or two. Others, on a lower dosage, may not use all the insulin within four weeks. But the drug's stabi...
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  15. How can I help my father deal with the "dawn phenomenon," or high blood sugar on awakening?

    The dawn phenomenon, named after the time of day it occurs, is the result of the body's response to hormones typically released between 4 a.m. and 8 a.m., which cause glucose levels to rise. This process occurs in everyone, but people with diabetes, like your dad, may not have enough insulin in thei...
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  16. What's an A1c test and why is it important for my dad to take it?

    The A1c test (you pronounce each letter and number separately), also referred to as the hemoglobin A1c or glycosylated hemoglobin test, gives information about your dad's average blood glucose levels over the previous six to eight weeks. It measures the amount of glucose, or sugar, that sticks to th...
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  17. What extra precautions should my dad with diabetes take when he has the flu?

    If your dad becomes ill, he should test his blood sugar levels more often than usual, as sickness -- even something seemingly minor like a cold or the flu -- can make his sugar levels soar. That's because the body produces more glucose as a natural response to illness. It's smart to check at least e...
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  18. Is it OK if my mom with type 2 diabetes drinks alcohol?

    With clearance from her physician and some caution and common sense, your mom may still partake in the pleasure of a glass of merlot if her diabetes is well controlled. Her doctor, though, may advise against drinking alcohol because of related complications such as nerve damage or high blood pressur...
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  19. Should I let my dad, who has diabetes, drive?

    Yes, he can still drive, though he must get a medical clearance to do so from his main diabetes doctor. She will want to uncover why he's having repeated hypoglycemia episodes and figure out a way to deal with these situations. The doctor will also want to discuss safety measures your father needs t...
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  20. How can we prevent my mom, who has type 2 diabetes, from constantly getting yeast infections and cystitis?

    First try helping her get her blood sugar levels in her target range. Uncontrolled diabetes is a notorious contributing factor to frequent vaginal and bladder infections. How is your mom's A1C (the lab test that shows a three-month blood sugar average)? An A1C of less than 7 percent means she has go...
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