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Depression Questions

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  1. Where can I find a counselor or therapist that will make home visits?

    Your friend would benefit from a therapist home visit.  There are several possibilities that you may be able to help her find someone to help. 
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  2. What to do when your parent wants to die due to health problems?

    I am so glad you reached out. There are some options for you to consider, especially some strategies that might help you to find some peace in this challenging situation. However, because this is going to require a more lengthy answer than I can provide here, I'd be grateful if you could contact me ...
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  3. FAQ: How Is Depression Different From Burnout?

    Depression is a physical illness. Burnout is an emotional fatigue triggered by ongoing and severe stress. Burnout can definitely lead to depression, though, so it's important to pay attention to it.
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  4. FAQ: How Do You Know How Serious a Case of Depression Someone Has?

    If the depression is causing someone to be socially withdrawn, dysfunctional to the point that he or she can't work or do basic household chores, and the person is talking or thinking about suicide, that's clearly severe. If, despite a lack of joy and in spite of having the physiological symptoms of...
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  5. FAQ: What Are the Dangers of Untreated Depression?

    Concerns about symptoms of depression should always be taken seriously. Depression causes significant disabilities and problems of many different kinds:
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  6. FAQ: What Should I Do if I Feel Suicidal?

    First, tell someone close to you rather than keeping suicidal thoughts to yourself. You may be reluctant to "burden" a loved one, but people who are suicidal and share their feelings with others are much less likely to go through with it. The real "burden" comes from committing suicide and leaving l...
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  7. How can I carve out time for myself without feeling guilty?

    It sounds as if you don't have a lot of support in caring for your mother.
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  8. FAQ: Is Depression a Normal Part of Aging?

    No, it's not normal to develop depression as one gets older. Depression is all too common, but it's never normal. Depression is an illness.
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  9. Can bypass surgery change a personality?

    Heart surgery -- or even receiving a diagnosis of heart disease -- can change someone's personality, pretty much like any psychological trauma. Sometimes there can be changes in the brain related to the surgery that cause personality changes, but more often it's just the shock of recognizing that yo...
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  10. What causes head pain after stroke?

    Your story reminds me of a great quote from Hamlet: "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."
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  11. Will this feeling of despair ever ever allow me to live ?

    Thank you DGraab. I think I am going to reach out to somebody for help. It is now 10/31/12 and I am doing better in some ways but worse in other ways. The only way I can cope some days is to Completely remove the thought of him being gone from my head...but then when I register the loss, I comple...
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  12. Am I tired or depressed?

    To screen for depression, doctors often ask the following two key questions:
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  13. How Can I Tell the Difference Between the Normal Stress of Caregiving and Depression?

    To screen for depression, doctors often ask the following two key questions:
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  14. How Can I Tell if an Elder Is Just Sad or Is Depressed?

    It's not always easy to tell if an elder is just sad or is depressed. Depression is not uncommon among older people, especially among those with illnesses such as dementia. But depression is not a normal part of aging, either.
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  15. What are the signs of depression?

    The most important signs of depression concern emotions. These include a persistently sad or hopeless mood and/or loss of interest in activities one used to enjoy. One or both of these signs must be present for at least two weeks for a diagnosis of major depression to be made. Additional problems th...
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  16. Can you treat depression without medication?

    Yes, it's possible to treat depression without medication. Intensive talk-based therapy (psychotherapy or counseling) alone can help some individuals. Many professionals, including psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and other counselors, provide this kind of therapy. However, this process...
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  17. When Am I Going to Be Able to Stop Grieving and Start Feeling Better?

    It depends. There are a number of factors that might contribute to how long it takes to feel better again. The most common include:
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  18. Is It Normal Not to Feel Social After Someone Close to Me Has Died?

    You might expect that extroverts would want to be around other people while they grieve. But even the most gregarious extroverts have been known to bow out of social situations while they're mourning. This is considered a normal response to grief, especially in the initial months after a loss.
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  19. How Do I Find a Grief Counselor?

    Try any or all of the following suggestions to find a list of grief counselors you may wish to see.
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  20. Am I experiencing grief or depression?

    It's easy to confuse grief with depression. The reason for this is that a number of symptoms of bereavement -- the grief commonly experienced when someone close to you has died or is dying -- are the same as those reported by people who are clinically depressed.
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