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  1. What can cause pocketing in the gums?

    This sounds like an unfortunate circumstance for your sister. I always encourage patients to get a second opinion. In your sister's case, I would recommend that you use a dentist who has had additional training with the geriatric population and would take the time to really listen to her and see i...
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  2. My mom has broken her dentures. She is on both medicare and...

    The least expensive option for a set of broken dentures is a denture repair. The type of repair depends on the extent of the damage: fractured denture teeth can be replaced and additional teeth may be added after a recent extraction of a natural tooth. A repair for dentures broken in several place...
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  3. How can I get my husband with Alzheimer's to visit the dentist?

    Because the dental hygiene question with Alzheimer's is one that comes up regularly, I consulted a local geriatric specialist dentist, Barry Cerridan, D.D.S. All of the above answers agree with what Dr. Cerridan reported. However, there were some things that he emphasized, that bear repeating. The m...
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  4. Mom hates her dentures; should we consider implants?

    Your mom experienced a huge change when she went from chewing with her own teeth to using dentures. Her teeth may look better, but her ability to chew was likely greatly reduced (especially for chewing certain kinds of foods, such as raw fruits and vegetables and foods that require a lot of chewing...
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  5. Can Mouthwash Replace Tooth Brushing a Few Times a Week?

    There is no substitute for brushing and flossing when it comes to good oral hygiene. Regular professional cleanings are recommended to remove plaque and deposits that the patient is unable to eliminate between visits. Mouth rinses such as Listerine, Scope and ACT are available over-the-counter and...
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  6. Should I still take my dad with Alzheimer's to the dentist for regular checkups?

    Not cleaning his dentures may allow overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria in your father's mouth that would increase his risk of developing aspiration pneumonia. Dentist might check for possible presence of mouth cancer.
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  7. My husband has senile dementia, and grinds his teeth. Would a mouth guard be a good idea?

    The teeth grinding and clenching you are hearing and seeing is called bruxism. The cause of nocturnal bruxism is unknown. Most theories link bruxism to central nervous system disorders, anxiety, medications, or other medical and dental conditions. Over time, bruxism causes damage to the teeth, gu...
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  8. What can I do about Mom's tooth loss?

    You ask about your mom losing her teeth. Of course, you are right to see that she needs to get to a dentist. Sometimes tooth loss is caused by chronic gum disease, which can be successfully treated. It is important to try to help her keep any remaining natural teeth. It is also important for her...
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  9. where can i find help paying for dental work?

    If you receive government medical assistance called medicaid or in CA it is called Medi-Cal, research the Johnson v Rank decision. The following link is for the elderly who have a 'share of cost' to pay for their Medi-Cal coverage. It give information on using their share of cost to pay for dental w...
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  10. How do I keep my wife's teeth clean when she refuses my assistance?

    While not knowing the specifics of why your wife is refusing your efforts to brush her teeth, in general, there are a variety of reasons that people are not comfortable nor compliant having people other than themselves enter their mouths "“ the mouth is considered a very private area.
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  11. How should we handle a dentist appointment for my father with moderate dementia?

    This is no easy decision. I would recommend that you start by getting a second opinion from another dentist. You should also talk to your father's doctor. Having ten teeth extracted at one time is traumatic for anybody, but for a 91 year-old it's usually considered major surgery, requiring general a...
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  12. Will medicare pay for an oral surgeon consultation?

    That may depend on the kind of work the oral surgeon does, and perhaps on whether the surgeon is a physician (M.D.) or a dentist. If the oral surgeon is a physician, Medicare Part B will almost certainly cover the care. If the oral surgeon is not a physician, it depends on the kind of consultation a...
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  13. Will Medicare Part B pay for a root canal and cap?

    Almost certainly not. The fact that the procedure for replacing your tooth involved work below the gum line does not change the treatment from dental (not covered by Medicare Part B) to medical (covered by Medicare Part B). Medicare Part B can cover non-physician treatment (by an oral or maxillofaci...
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  14. What can be done for severe ear pain?

    First off, it sounds like you are really suffering.  I wonder if you have been seen by an ENT (ear nose and throat) specialist, as it sounds like your ear pain is severe and needs attention soon.  This specialist can investigate why you get so many ear infections, and work with your diabetes.  Perha...
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  15. How can I get him to a dental visit?

    Contact the area agency on aging in your county to see if there are low cost transportation services for the elderly in your area. In the absence of that, may need to privately hire (non medical in home care company) someone to transport. Call a local dentist (the family dentist?) to see if he or s...
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  16. How do I get my father to go to the dentist?

    Good Afternoon, We are happy to see you father for his dental needs. We are able to provide a house call dental visit if travel is one of your father's challenge in seeking a dental opinion. I would recommend letting him know that you found a dentist that will visit him at home to do an evaluation ...
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  17. Does Medicare pay for oral surgery for patients with osteoporosis?

    The answer depends on the exact kind of oral surgery, and on who performs it. Usually, Medicare Part B doesn't cover oral surgery. That's because Medicare considers most work performed by an oral surgeon to be "dental" rather than "medical." But Medicare Part B can cover oral surgery in a few insta...
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  18. How can I get the dental care I need if I can't afford it and have no dental insurance?

    The only school of dentistry in South Carolina is the College of Dental Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. They see private patients, and could very likely do your dental work for far less than the figure you've been quoted. If it saved you thousands of dollars, it m...
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  19. Where can I find low cost dental treatment in Phoeniz, AZ?

    Boy, you're not alone. Finding low-cost dental care is tough anywhere. I'm going to suggest you do a quick internet search with the terms "low cost" and "dental care" and Phoenix. I just did this and came up with several sources. Here are a couple:
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  20. My wife and I have been caring for my 88 year old father for...

    The short answer to your question is that this is not normal. And not because all people bathe and shave and brush their teeth every single day, but because you insinuated that your father once did these things regularly and now he doesn’t. A decline in functioning is always a cause for concern in...
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