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Colon Cancer Questions

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  1. Is there financial aid to cover moving expenses?

    Many cities and counties offer various types of moving assistance programs, yet most are designed for families/individuals who have already qualified for financial aid and who must move due to immediate medical or safety reasons. You may wish to inquire through your county Social Services agency. La...
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  2. Is there a link between the Western diet and colon cancer?

    Scientific studies have pointed to the link between the Western Diet and many types of cancer, and in the case of colon cancer this connection is fairly clear. The Western Diet often contains cancer-causing agents found within the highly processed foods, overcooked and hormone-laden animal products ...
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  3. How can I help my husband gain weight after surgery for colon cancer?

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  4. My father has colon cancer. What's the best way to deal with his angry outbursts?

    It might help you to know that there are all sorts of things that may be making your father act like this: pain, nausea, depression -- he may even be in an altered state because of chemicals in his system from radiation or chemo. It's possible he may not even know what he's saying or how he's saying...
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  5. What is ascetis?

    Ascites is fluid buildup in abdominal cavity, which can be extremely uncomfortable, even painful. A surgical oncologist on The Compassionate Caregiver’s Medical Advisory Board says “Ascites is common in patients with abdominal cancers. It is most commonly caused by recurrence or metastasis of a prim...
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  6. Is a followup exam after colon surgery necessary?

    Yes, he should go in for the colon surgery followup. One of the goals in keeping medical information of the patient -- including former scans and other test results -- is to compare a former state with a current state. Healthcare professionals review these to see any new growths and to chart the gro...
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  7. Can cancer worsen Alzheimer's symptoms?

    There may be couple reasons for faster decline of you mother's dementia. Her cancer may have spread to the brain and cause additional symptoms. It is also possible that increased stress caused faster decline.
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  8. How can I ease my father's discomfort when I have to help him with physically intimate tasks?

    It has to be difficult for your father to have you see him in such a vulnerable position. This kind of situation comes up whenever an adult child is caring for a parent, but it's hardest when you're caring for a parent of the opposite sex.
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  9. I am on follow up chemo for colorectal cancer, also...

    There are a number of reasons why urine might be darker during treatment for colorectal cancer. The color of urine can change based on the medications a patient is taking; chemotherapy agents and medications for nausea and thrush could be responsible. Dark urine is also an indication of dehydration.
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  10. What is the protocol for chemotherapy for colon cancer?

    Colon cancer is typically treated first with surgical removal, then with chemotherapy if the doctor considers it necessary. (Almost 50 percent of all patients can be cured with resection alone.) The chance for a cure and the role of chemotherapy is determined by how far the tumor has invaded through...
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  11. Can surgery and/or chemo cause Ascetis?

    Ascites, which is fluid buildup in the abdominal cavity, can be extremely uncomfortable, even painful.
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  12. When should preventive colon checkups begin for someone with a family history of cancer?

    Sorry to hear about the loss of your father. Generally, doctors recommend that you start colon checkups ten years prior to the diagnosis age of the family member; in your case, age 35. However, if you have other incidence of cancer or other family members that have been diagnosed, you may want to be...
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  13. What kind of diet will best help me battle colon cancer?

    It sounds like you have an understanding of the elements of a healthy diet. There is nothing specific that you should concentrate on in terms of food that you're not already doing. Be sure that you drink plenty of water as well, as this is important to every body function.
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  14. How likely is my colon cancer to reoccur?

    First of all, it is a very good sign that last year's colonoscopy was perfect.
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  15. What can help Mom with her sleep issues after chemotherapy?

    The National Institute of Cancer estimates that 45% of people with cancer experience sleep disturbance. Your mom is not alone.
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  16. How can I overcome my father's refusal to ask for help with his cancer care?

    Such secretiveness is not at all uncommon, and it's almost always a generational issue. Your father grew up in a very different era: 50 years ago, there was a great deal of fear and secrecy surrounding cancer, and people rarely talked about it.But they also didn't have much hope of a cure; a diagnos...
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  17. How can I make my mom's hospital stay with dementia easier?

    Hospitals are fairly inhospitable places for people with dementia. Your mom's symptoms may increase because of the strange environment, routines, and people she'll encounter; the anesthesia, which may take weeks or months to completely leave her system; and the postoperative pain. Surgery can also c...
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  18. Why won't the doctor order a blood transfusion to boost low platelets?

    Most doctors only give platelet transfusions in cases where the patient is actively bleeding and the blood won't clot. The reason is that this treatment is of limited benefit and only lasts a very short time. The problem has to do with the life of the cells. Unlike red blood cells, which on average ...
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  19. How do I get my father, who's depressed about being treated for cancer, to talk about how he's feeling?

    I've found that it almost never works to ask a cancer patient "Are you depressed?" It's difficult to suggest to your father that he's having trouble coping without him personalizing it (thinking, "Gosh, I'm just not trying hard enough," for example). After all, nobody wants to be a cancer patient, a...
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  20. Why is there this pain during chemotherapy?

    Chemotherapy medications may cause many different types of side effects with different people.
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