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Broken Hip Questions

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  1. What type of cane is best for a 90-year-old?

    If he is having trouble with his balance and mobility, then he needs to be properly evaluated and treated - there might be other solutions instead of or in addition to a cane that could help him, e.g., exercises for balance. But until he is properly evaluated it is impossible to say what is the best...
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  2. Are there ways to make a non-healing fracture heal?

    The best way to help a non-healing fracture to heal is to make sure that you are doing everything possilbe to keep yourself healthy.  Eat well, rest, exercise (under physical therapy guidance), and take care of yourself.  Sometimes, certain diseases, like osteoporosis, make it difficult for bones to...
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  3. What sort of recovery can my mum expect after breaking her hip?

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  4. Can you break a hip without falling?

    Regarding hip fractures in the elderly, the majority of them occur from falls. I would have to agree with your uncle's doctor here. If he is an experienced orthopedist, he knows that hip fractures from a fall would appear totally different from a spontaneous fracture from walking.
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  5. Is there hope Mom will recover from complications associated with a hip fracture?

    I am sorry to read about your mother having difficulty after breaking her hip. As I have seen in my years of practice, when elders break their hips, it is often very difficult for them to survive and recover.
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  6. Can't we admit my grandma with a broken hip where she'll get medical care instead of a nursing home?

    I've never heard of a hospital discharging a patient before they are ready for rehab. There are lots of uncertainties now among Medicare providers that due to proposed cuts, they will not be paid for services rendered. This hospital may be afraid that they will not be paid for your grandmother's sta...
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  7. What can be done to encourage my mother to walk again after a broken hip?

    Perhaps you can request that your mother's PT start working with her on increasing her mobility and even training the family or staff to walk with her. The family can participate in goal setting, and request that goals be directed towards fall prevention, independence in toileting etc. Clearly your...
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  8. Can you walk if your hip is broken?

    Sorry to hear that your mother is in such discomfort. If she is in severe pain, it sounds like she should see a doctor for an evaluation, as soon as possible.
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  9. Do hip protectors really work to prevent broken hip?

    There are a lot of "hip protectors" out there, but very few of them have been evaluated to determine whether they're actually effective. Of those that have been evaluated, the results are mixed.
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  10. What's the physical therapy for a broken hip with a pin in it?

    After someone has surgery to repair a broken hip, they can receive physical therapy in one of several settings, including at the hospital (post op), in a rehabilitation facility (if transferred there), and at home. You didn't specify where your dad is in the process, but regardless, you start by tak...
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  11. What are the chances a 101-year-old will recover from a broken hip?

    Sorry about your grandmother!  To be honest, recovering from a broken hip is difficult for any elder.  Research has shown that up to half of people who fracture their hip do not survive a year after the fracture because it is so tough for them to recover. Remember at her age, the surgery itself is v...
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  12. Are blood transfusions necessary after surgery for a broken hip?

    Blood transfusions may be necessary after any surgery, as many times people become anemic from the blood lost during the surgical procedure.  Furthermore, since the surgery itself is such a stress to the person's system, it may take awhile for someone to recover from a post- operative anemia.  Iron ...
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  13. Should we try a different facility?

    Changing care facilities is always an option; you are not required to remain in a facility just because you started there. If the care your mother is receiving is not adequate, then you should definitely look into finding another that would provide better care.
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  14. Can a broken hip cause blood clots?

    Reading your question, your pain and swelling could be caused by a blood clot. Blood clots are a risk whenever there is old trauma. However, if it was a clot, your leg would always be swollen, red, and painful, not just on certain days.
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  15. I Am My Mother's Caregiver, Where Can I Share My Experiences?

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  16. Are there any mobility devises that don't look like walkers?

    It’s true that many people who need assistance resist using a walker because they don’t like the image it portrays. There are some options that look less like a traditional aluminum walker. But first, a quick reminder: Your parent should be assessed and advised by a physical therapist before choosin...
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  17. What is the treatment for broken hips in the elderly?

    Unfortunately, breaking a hip is quite common in the elderly. It is usually related to underlying osteoporosis (thinning of the bone) and can happen spontaneously or because of a fall. When we talk of breaking "a hip" we usually mean a break in the top part of the thigh bone (the femur). Someone who...
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  18. Could a cognitive condition hamper broken hip recovery?

    I know it is hard to imagine that one broken hip could lead to such a change in function for your mom. It is often the case that one broken hip or other major surgery or medical illness can tip the scales toward a big decline in function for an elderly person when one is already in a fragile state o...
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  19. How soon after broken hip surgery can someone climb stairs?

    There is no simple answer to this question. The pace of recovery and the ability to do certain tasks varies greatly among individuals. It depends upon the person's age, strength, balance, pain control, and their ability to put full weight through their foot. Depending on the type of surgery that is ...
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  20. What are some good excercises to help rehabilitate a broken hip?

    The appropriate type of exercises for  a broken hip depend much upon what stage of recovery you are in. First, I would recommend seeking the help of a physical therapist who can give you therapeutically appropriate exercises to meet your specific needs. But that being said, there are some basic them...
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