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Bladder Cancer Questions

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  1. What is fluid in the abdomen associated with bladder cancer called?

    I am sorry for the loss of your father.
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  2. Can chemotherapy and radiation cause a skin rash?

    Many chemotherapy medications can include side effects related to skin changes. It sounds like your husband's physician is treating the rash, but as you described it is not working.
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  3. What Foods to Stay Away From When Diagnosed With Bladder Cancer?

    I am sorry to hear of your husband's diagnosis of bladder cancer. While there is no diet to follow per say, he could consider keeping a food journal in order to help identify any foods that may be causing undue irritation to his bladder, thereby making his symptoms worse.
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  4. How long can my Mom live with stage 4 metastatic bladder cancer?

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  5. What is a BCG treatment?

    Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG)treatment is grouped with in cancer immunotherapy treatments. Cancer immunotherapy is an approach for treating cancer using our own immune system to fight the disease. Although the mechanism of BCG remains unclear, it appears that it stimulates an immune response or ...
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  6. My father needs to stay away from my mother with his cigarette smoke, but he refuses. How do we make him understand?

    Chances are, your dad will not listen to logic, nor will he change his highly-addictive habit of smoking. Would he be willing to have the window cracked or the door opened while he does?
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  7. My father has bladder cancer and he no longer want to eat or drink. Is there anything we can do?

    Loss of appetite is a common side effect of both cancer and cancer treatment. It can also be a sign that a patient is nearing the end of his life and is ready to begin letting go.
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  8. Is bladder cancer fatal?

    Bladder cancer can be fatal BUT if you stay on top of it by being scoped every 3 mo then every 6 mo for the 5 years. Then you a very good chance that it will stay under control. My husband has had bladder cancer since he was 28 years old. He is now 47 and it hasn't spread.. We just removed another...
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  9. How do you overcome denial of death?

    I confirmed with a surgical oncologist about an infected central line, and you are right. This is a "pre-terminal" event and she will not recover from this without removal of the line. But commonly, cancer patients will see a short improvement in health that preceeds death; one chaplain I know s...
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  10. What are symptoms of bladder cancer?

    My husband had bladder cancer 10 1/2 years ago. A year prior to diagnosis he had a little blood in his urine. It was assumed it was from riding his dirt bike as sometimes the riders insides get roughed up and it went away. A year later he couldn't urinate as blood clots were blocking and the pain wa...
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