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Addiction & Alcoholism Questions

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  1. Can an alcoholic get declared incompetent?

    You ask about how to have an alcoholic parent declared incompetent, and state that none of her physicians have done so. I am not clear about whether your mother is actually incompetent. Suicide attempts and being an alcoholic do not, by themselves, automatically mean that she is incompetent under ...
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  2. How long does it take to get nicotine out of your bloodstream?

    If you are getting nicotine from smoking a cigarette, you know that nicotine works quickly, so it does not last long in the bloodstream. Most of the nicotine is gone in a couple of hours, which is why most people need to smoke throughout the day to keep the nicotine levels up. It would pretty much ...
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  3. Can I force my mom's doctors to put her in a nursing home and stop her drug addiction?

    As you know too well, it's very difficult to get a person involuntarily admitted to a care facility"”especially without good information and the strong support of medical practitioners who are involved.
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  4. When the doctor prescribes a narcotic painkiller, do we need to worry about addiction?

    Narcotic painkillers and addiction-Not necessarily. Addiction is the term we use for someone whose body is both dependent on the medication to function and who has a psychological need to use the medication. It is considered to be substance abuse and the need to seek out a specific drug or type of...
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  5. Where can I get help for my drinking problem if I have Alzheimer's disease?

    Some substances are known to cause dementia, including alcohol (alcohol-related dementia.) On the other hand, a little wine can be a good thing. Red wine in particular is a good source of anti-oxidants. One glass with dinner is recommended for your health. However, 3 or 4 glasses is probably a bit t...
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  6. What Pain Relievers Are Safe for Problem Drinkers or Those Who Drink Large Quantities of Alcohol?

    No pain reliever is 100 percent safe for heavy drinkers. Which pain reliever a doctor recommends should depend on how much the person drinks and whether his or her liver is functioning normally. In general, for mild pain, the safest pain reliever for older adults is acetaminophen, or Tylenol. Howeve...
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  7. Is my husband's disorientation a product of alcoholism or dementia?

    Dear Wife of an Alcoholic,
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  8. I think my mother is addicted to painkillers, what should I do?

    Reading through your letter, I know that you are frustrated with your mother. Speaking from experience, I know it is difficult to help people who are having problems and then refuse your help or advice.
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  9. Can I Become Addicted to My Prescribed Opioid Pain Relievers?

    If your doctor prescribed you an opioid pain reliever for pain, it's unlikely you need to worry unless you have a history of addiction issues. It's extremely rare for people who don't already have substance-abuse issues to become addicted to pain medication.
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  10. Are there foods that will help with withdrawal symptoms of an opiate addiction?

    I would first like to congratulate you as you take your first steps towards recovery from your opiate addiction. Good nutrition is a powerful ally. The physical healing can begin by providing your body with nutrients needed to establish a healthy environment as you manage the withdrawal symptoms. ...
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  11. What type of housing is best for Dad, who is an alcoholic and has dementia?

    Older adults with dementia require specialized care. When substance abuse further complicates the situation, very highly trained caregivers are needed. Seniors with these dual diagnoses usually have very compromised judgment and decision-making skills and are at danger to harming themselves. Memory ...
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  12. Can the state force an elderly alcoholic into a facility?

    Your grandfather has an ideal situation. Lucky man! As long as he gets to have his way about everything, he has no reason to adjust his behavior. Since he has been drinking for years, he probably cannot withdraw from the alcohol without physical symptoms that can be better managed in a hospital sett...
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  13. How do I take the keys away from an alcoholic parent?

    This is a tough situation, I'm sorry you have to deal with it. I'm going to assume that you have tried to talk to her to convince her not to drink and drive, and that has not been successful. Drinking and driving is deadly -- especially for older drivers because our bodies get less efficient at proc...
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  14. Am I addicted to pain medication?

    No, unless you have a history of substance abuse, having to increase the dosage of your pain medication doesn't mean you're becoming addicted. Doctors are usually careful to start people on pain medicines at low doses, with a plan to slowly increase the dosage as needed until, together, the doctor a...
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  15. Can substance abuse like morphine addiction cause early...

    Studies have shown that substance abusers do have issues with short term memory, fact recall, and mental agility.  Abuse of pain pills over a long period of time can lead to memory loss.  If you are addicted to pain pills, you should let your health care provider know so that can help you get treatm...
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  16. Is Mom incompetent to handle her finances?

    You're describing a number of specific concerns that point to one larger one: that your mother may not be able to live in her current situation safely.
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  17. How long can a diabetic live with alcoholism and drug addiction?

    As a nurse, it is not in my realm of expertise to predict health outcomes. His doctor would be best equipped to respond. That said, with the number of significant issues facing your husband, I would think that the timeline is short before he experiences a serious health consequence. For some people,...
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  18. Will my husband's past addictions have any impact on his Alzheimer's disease?

    What a trooper you are! These must have been very difficult years for you. Now you face life with Alzheimer's disease (AD) and that is a life compounded by your husband's past addictive behavior. Research from all points on the globe relates that maintaining a "˜healthy' lifestyle in our younger ...
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  19. How do we handle my father's Alzheimer's and alcoholism?

    Dear Help for Alcoholic Dad:
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  20. Are my husband's new addictive behaviors related to his Parkinson's medication?

    Addictive and compulsive behaviors have been linked to some Parkinson's disease medications and we often reduce medications or alter medication regimens when we hear of this type of behavior. The "bad actors" in this regard are the dopamine agonists such as ropinirole and pramipexole (Requip and Mi...
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