What Is In-Home Care? Options and How To Find Them


What it does

In-home care is the term that broadly defines the various types of care and services delivered by individuals or agencies to those with mobility limitations or other frailties that make it difficult for them to leave home.

In-home care generally includes help from the following:

How it helps

In whatever capacity the extra care is needed -- from periodic social visits to help with daily medication management to around-the-clock monitoring -- in-home care can help accomplish the goal of allowing a person to stay at home rather than move to a facility. For many people, staying at home among their possessions and in a familiar community is a primal urge and plays a big role in assuring a good quality of life.

What it costs

In-home care ranges in cost from free help from volunteers who provide assistance with visits and chores to live-in care that can run several thousand dollars or more a month for constant monitoring.

How to get started

Caring.com's Senior Living Directory offers a list of local providers by city or zip code, along with ratings and reviews of many of them. For guidance and listings to those offering varying kinds of in-home help, including elder companions, personal care assistants, and live-in care, see local in-home care agencies in your area.

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almost 2 years ago, said...

My husband and I take care of our 45 year old bedridden son. We are in our early 70's -- I still work full time to help with my son's expenses. My husband stopped his business to stay home and be the 24 hr caregiver. We are now starting a program for HOTC -- very expensive and not covered by my son's Medicare. Is there anyone we can go to get a small stipend for my husband's time?

almost 2 years ago, said...

I am a caregiver I'm moving to a Lodi next month from Santa Barbara can I've been a pvt caregiver for over 30yrs I have also worked for different agency's that send you out to different hospitals great experience

almost 2 years ago, said...

In AZ owners of assisted living homes are n there 4 money. It is sad but true though not all. Residents in a zombie state, good food a joke, caregivers abused. And I'm talking about the owners! They micro manage and if the owners live in the house it is worse. No supplies, no gloves etc. Just trying 2 fill the beds. So very sad.

almost 2 years ago, said...

I pray 4 all caregivers. I heard that we r special. Though u could b working and let go at the end of the day. How does one find jobs in this field?

almost 2 years ago, said...

I am finding it difficult to work for someone has integrity. 1 wouldn't pay me because I was trading. 1 only paid 7am to 7pm even though I was a live in.

over 2 years ago, said...

Thank you for this information. My mother is elderly and she can't take care of herself anymore. I've been looking into care options with her and I think that in home care would be the most ideal for her.

over 2 years ago, said...

Does anyone know of a day care center for elderlly in Los Angeles. Day time activities are what is needed for this active, memory-impaired, 82 year old man. He still plays tennis and goes to the gym.