V.A. Benefits Finder: For Older Veterans and Their Families

For older veterans and their families

Older veterans and their families may have several benefits available to them through the Department of Veterans Affairs (V.A.). Which benefits a veteran or family member qualifies for may depend on the veteran's V.A. status, age, and income at the time the benefit is applied for, or the veteran's V.A. status and survivor's income at the time of the veteran's death.

All veterans (not dishonorably discharged)

Veterans with a service-connected disability

Low-income wartime veteran age 65 or older or totally disabled

Veterans eligible for V.A. pension, and survivors eligible for V.A. death pension, and who are housebound or need regular aid and attendance

Low-income veterans needing long-term care

Low-income survivor of wartime veteran

Dependent/survivor of a veteran who was totally disabled from a service-connected condition, or survivor of a veteran who died from a service-connected condition