Sneaky Sun Protection Spots to Remember

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Bonus points to you if you're vigilant enough to remember to apply sunscreen to yourself and your loved one before heading outdoors. Older skin is fragile skin, vulnerable to UV damage and painful burns.

Three places you might forget to protect from the sun:

1. The tops of the ears. The ears are the third most common site for basal cell carcinomas.

2. The scalp (for someone who's bald), along the brow at the hairline, and along the part. Wear a hat if you don't want to mess with sunscreen here.

3. The hands and the tops of feet. Feet are especially sensitive because they get less everyday sun.

And while we're talking about sun protection, don't overlook these three times when you might not think you need sunscreen:

  • In the shade. Reflective surfaces like sand and concrete can also create burns.
  • In the car. Older adults, like young children, can get "car burn" from resting their arms on the window ledge in bright sun or on long journeys.
  • When it's not the summer. We tend to think that the rays in the other seasons aren't as strong as midsummer's. They may not be, but you can still get a mean "winter" burn!