Protestant Funeral Service Order-of-Service Template

Use or adapt this order-of-service template when planning a Protestant funeral. You can complete and print it as is, and give copies to those attending. Or you can insert the information gathered here as part of a more elaborate funeral or memorial service program that's distributed before the service. This template should produce an order of service that looks similar to this sample. Those attending or participating in the service will usually find it helpful to have some written guidance about the steps the service will follow, and who's involved in leading them. It will also guide those officiating to proceed smoothly. For suggestions for music to include during various parts of the service, along with lyrics and a link to a performance, see Religious Funeral Songs.

Order of Service [Enter the complete named of the deceased, with place and date of the service if that information isn't included elsewhere.]

Officiated by [insert the name of the pastor, minister, or other service leader]

Pallbearers include [insert their names and relationships to the deceased]

Musical Prelude [Insert names of performers if other than the choir, along with their relationship to the deceased.]

Opening Prayer, Invocation [Include the name of the person offering it, if different than the religious leader officiating, along with the relationship to the deceased.]

Communal Prayer [Insert words for the congregation.]

Reflections By [include the names of those involved and their relationships to the deceased. They can present a brief statement of remembrance or eulogy of the deceased. For help with writing and delivering a meaningful eulogy, along with sample written and spoken eulogies, see Funeral Eulogy.]

Scripture Reading [Common choices include: Psalm 23, 46, 90, 121; John 5:24-29, 6:37-0, 11:25-27, 14:1-7; Corinthians 15:12-26; Romans 5:1-11, 5:17-21, 8:31-35]

Sermon [Include the title of the sermon.]

Hymn [List title and author if known. Insert lyrics if participation is encouraged, or names of soloists or musicians if other than the choir, along with their relationships to the deceased.]

Closing Prayer, Musical Postlude [Insert names of performers if other than the choir, along with their relationships to the deceased.]

Those attending are invited to share in a meal celebrating the life of the deceased at [insert address].

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