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Ask These 12 Interview Questions Now to Head Off Home-Share Trouble Later

By , Caring.com senior contributing editor

It's often the little things that can make or break a home-share relationship. Avoid common domestic squabbles with an upfront conversation about a renter's -- and your parents' -- habits, tics, and quirks. Here's what you and your parent need to find out from a potential home-share candidate:

Are you looking for company?

Before you meet with the candidate, find out how your parents answer this question. They need to be clear from the start whether they want to be friends with a housemate or to keep their distance. This will help them choose someone who feels the same way.

What time do you turn in?

Do your parents need a quiet house after 10 p.m. or are they insomniacs who wander the house half the night? Is the renter a nurse who will sometimes work the night shift? Does that matter to your parents? It's often wise to establish quiet hours everyone can agree to.