Muslim Funeral Service Order-of-Service Template

Although historically, Muslim funerals were attended only by those familiar with the prayers and rites involved, that's no longer always true. Those attending who are unfamiliar with the traditions may find it helpful to have some written guidance about the steps the service will follow. To help them, you can complete this Order of Service, print it as is, and give copies to those attending. You can include the transliterations and English translations of the prayers offered here. You can also insert the information gathered here as part of a more elaborate funeral or memorial service program that's distributed before the service. This template should produce an order of service that looks similar to this sample. If you're unfamiliar with Muslim funeral services, see FAQ: How Is a Muslim Funeral Service Different From Other Funeral Services?

Order of Service [Insert name of deceased], deceased [Insert date of birth to date of death] Prayers led by [Insert name of imam or other prayer leader]

First Takbir Allahu Akbar * Allah is the greatest. Thana Sub-haa na-kal laa-hum-ma wa bi-ham-di-ka wa ta-ba-ra-kas mu-ka wa ta- aa-la jad-du ka wa laww i-laa-ha ghay-ruk. Praise to Allah Glory to Thee, Oh Allah, and Thine is the praise, and blessed is Thy name, and exalted is Thy majesty, and there is none to be served besides Thee. Al-Fatihah A-oo-zubil-laa-hi mi-nash shay-taa-nir ra-jeem. Bis-mil laa-hir rah-maa-nir ra-heem. Al-ham-du lil-laa-hi rab-bil 'aa-la-meen. Ar-rah-maa nir-ra-heem. Maa-li-ki yaw-mid-deen. Ee-yaa-ka na '-bu-du wa ee-ya-ka nas-ta-'een. Ih-di-nas si-raa-tal mus-ta-qeem. Si-raa-tal la-zee-na an-'am-ta 'a-lay-him, ghay-ril magh-doo-bi 'a-lai-him wa-lad-daal-leen.\ *Opening Chapter of the Qur'an Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds, the Beneficent, the Merciful, Master of the Day of Requital. Thee do we serve and Thee do we beseech for help. Guide us on the right path, the path upon whom Thou hast bestowed favors, not those upon whom wrath is brought down, nor those who go astray.

Second Takbir Allahu Akbar_Allah is the greatest. As-salaal 'alan Nabiyy Al-laa-hum-ma sal-li 'a-laa Mu-ham-ma-din wa 'a-laa aa-li Mu-ham-ma-din ka-maa sallay-ta 'a-laa lb-raa-hee-ma wa-'a-laa aa-li lb-raa-hee-ma, in-na-ka ha-mee-dum ma-jeed. Al-laa-hum-ma baa-rik 'a-laa Mu-ham-ma-din wa 'a-laa aa-li Mu-ham-ma-din ka-maa baa-rak-to 'a-laa lb-raa-hee-ma wa-'a-laa aa-li lb-raa-hee-ma, in-na-ka ha-mee-dum ma-jeed._ Salutations to the Holy Prophet Muhammad Oh Allah! Exalt Muhammd and the true follwers of Muhammed, as thou didst exalt Abraham and the true followers of Abraham, for surely, Thou art praised and magnified. Oh Allah! Bless Muhammd and the true follwers of Muhammed, as thou didst bless Abraham and the true followers of Abraham, for surely, Thou art praised and magnified.

Third Takbir_Allahu Akbar_Allah is the greatest. [One of the following two options of a prayer for the forgiveness of the deceased is then used.]Al-laa-hum-magh-fir li-hay-yi-naa wa may-yiti-naa wa shaa-hi-di-naa wa ghaa-i-bi-naa wa sa-ghee-ri-naa wa ka-bee-ri-naa wa zaka-ri-naa wa un-saa-naa, al-laa-hum-ma man ah- yay-ta-hoo min-naa fa-ah yi-hee 'a-lal islaam, wa man ta-waf-fay-ta-hoo min-naa fa-ta-waf-fa-hoo 'a-lal ee-maan. Al-laa-hum-ma laa tah-rim-naa aj-ra-hoo wa laa taf-ti-naa ba '-da-hoo.Oh Allah! Grant protection to our living and to our dead and to those of us who are present and those who are absent, and to our young and to our old folk and to our males and to our females. Oh Allah! Whosoever thou grantest to live among us, cause him to live in Islam [submission] and whosoever of us Thou causest to die, make him die in faith. Oh Allah! Do not deprive us of this reward and do not make us fall into a trial after him.

OR_Al-laa-hum-magh-fir la-hoo war-ham-hu wa 'aa fi-hee wa-'fu 'an-hu wa ak-rim nu-zu-la-hoo wa was-si' mad-kha-la-hoo wa agh-sil-hu bil-maa-i was-sal-ji wal-bar-di wa naq-qi-hee mi-nal kha-taa-yaa ka-maa naq-qay-tas saw-bal ab-ya-da mi-nad- da-na-si._Oh Allah! Grant him protection, and have mercy on him, and keep him in good condition, and pardon him, and make his entertainment honorable, and expand his place of entering, and wash him with water and snow and hail and cleanse him of faults as a white cloth is cleaned of dross.

Fourth Takbir Allahu Akbar * Allah is the greatest. Tasleem (Turn face to the right.)As-sa-laa-mu 'a-lay-kum wa rah-ma-tul-laah.* Peace be on you and the mercy of Allah. (Repeat, turning the face to the left.)

Lowering the Body Into the Grave Bis-mil laa-hi wa bil-laa-hi wa 'a-laa sun-na-ti ra-soo-lil-laah.In the name of Allah and with Allah and in accordance with the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah.

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