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Relaxation With Celeste Audio Guides: Do Caregivers Like Them?
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How do you prevent falls? By becoming as strong, as balanced, and as agile as you can be. The Relaxation With Celeste audio guides aim to help older adults and their caregivers become stronger and more balanced by providing a gentle fitness and meditation routine. We asked's panel of caregiver product testers to try them out and tell us what they thought.

Here's what we learned.

What Are the Relaxation With Celeste Audio Guides?

Created by Celeste Carlucci, a fitness and wellness expert based in New York City and the founder of FallStop . . . Move Strong,â„¢ Relaxation with Celeste audio guides are part of a nationally recognized program that prevents falls and increases vitality in the aging population.

The Relaxation with Celeste audio guides are two recordings in which Celeste gives spoken guidance for gentle stretching and meditation. The recordings last a total of 22 minutes. They are available in downloadable MP3 format, which will play on a computer, smartphone, iPad or other tablet, or any MP3 player. They are also available in CD format. The recordings focus on strength, balance, confidence, and flow.

Why Are Relaxation With Celeste Audio Guides Important for Seniors and Caregivers?

If you're a caregiver for aging loved ones, you're likely worried about falls. Building strength and mobility is a priority, because the stronger and more agile your loved ones are, the longer they can stay active in their homes and communities.

In addition, many caregivers are beginning to experience age-related changes in their own bodies. You want to keep the mobility, balance, and fitness you have now. (You can probably use a little stress reduction, too.)

What Users Liked About the Relaxation With Celeste Audio Guides

  1. They're quick and easy to use.
    Simply pop on the MP3, find a quiet spot to sit or stand, and within minutes of guided meditation and soothing music you'll find yourself enjoying the gentle stretches and balance exercises, as well as beginning to feel stress melt away. "Super easy! So easy to set up physically . . . and customer service was very helpful," wrote one reviewer.

  2. The music is soothing and Celeste's guided meditation is easy to follow.
    "Celeste's voice is quite soothing, and the music that accompanies her really aids in relaxation," one reviewer said. "Celeste was in tune with her routine to make her routine easy and comfortable for older adults who can no longer move as they once did," wrote another reviewer.

  3. They're an inexpensive, at-home alternative to expensive gyms or a personal trainer.
    For a one-time cost of less than $4, the Relaxation With Celeste audio guides can be used again and again.

  4. They're an excellent stress reliever.
    "Meditation allows you to release emotional pain and physical pain," one reviewer reminds us. Another said, "I felt completely relaxed after completing both tracks."

  5. You and your loved one can participate and de-stress together. Keep in mind that your loved one's mobility and abilities might be quite different from yours. Your loved one might need professional evaluation or assistance. But if you're both able, this can be a fun activity to try together. "This would be perfect for the caregiver and those being cared for. Perhaps both could de-stress together," one reviewer said.

What Users Didn't Like About the Relaxation With Celeste Audio Guides

  1. Operating an MP3 or CD player may be difficult for someone with dementia.
    Not everyone owns a MP3 player, or knows how to operate one. "This might not be suitable for someone who suffers with dementia. They wouldn't be capable of operating the MP3 player," one reviewer said. Perhaps a CD and CD player are operable alternatives.

  2. For some, the music drowned out Celeste's directions.
    Reviewers expressed different opinions as to whether the background music was background enough. "I enjoyed Celeste's soothing and modulated voice . . . but I had to strain to hear what she was saying [for the meditation]," one reviewer said. "However, the stretching audio guide was better, in terms of sound quality."

  3. Some reviewers wished the audio guides were longer.
    Caregiver panelists loved Celeste's voice and wished they could have had a longer version of the audio guide. "I would definitely like to listen to a longer version of the audio guide because I found Celeste's voice to be well suited for guiding me through her exercise/stretching routine. She allowed time for finishing stretch movements and made me feel like she was in tune with her intent to make her routine easy and comfortable for older persons who cannot perform at the level they once did," said one caregiver.

You Should Try the Relaxation With Celeste Audio Guides If You . . .

  • Are an adult who would like to work on your balance, strength, and physical confidence.
  • Care for someone who could benefit from improved balance and strength.
  • Are someone who likes music and can devote a few quiet minutes to practice guided meditation.
  • Recognize the impact that stress has on your life and are willing to try something new.
  • Have an elder or caregiver in your life and would like to give them a special gift.

How to Purchase the Relaxation With Celeste Audio Guides

Relaxation With Celeste audio guides are available on iTunes. For $1.29, you can get a shorter version of the audio guide (approximately 8 minutes long) called Meditation and Relaxation with Celeste. For $1.99 you can buy a longer version of the audio guide (approximately 13 minutes) called Stretching and Relaxation With Celeste. You may purchase one or both EPs of Stretching and Relaxation With Celeste on the iTunes store and both EPs on CD by ordering through

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