Geriatric Care Manager, Kay Paggi, Makes Headlines in The Dallas Morning News


Our very own Expert Columnist, Kay Paggi, was recently interviewed in a Dallas Morning News article discussing the role of geriatric care managers and what they can offer families, especially when they are at their wit’s end. As Kay pointed out, “I’m the person you call when you have more questions than answers about your mother’s or father’s care.” Many Americans are unaware of the importance of geriatric care managers—some don't even know they exist! However this will definitely change in the coming years. As Dr. Harvey Gilbert pointed out in a recent post on America’s aging population, the number of people in the over-65 group is rapidly escalating; from 35 million in 2000, the group is estimated to grow to 55 million by 2020 and 72 million by 2030. And these are exactly the people who will benefit from the services a geriatric care manager can offer.

And that’s just a little of what’s been going on…

The Gilbert Guide Team