Hoarding Solutions

Through Moving Solutions, I have had experience with numerous hoarding situations. Hoarding is a complex behavior, characterized by the acquisition of items and the failure to discard of them, to such an extent that they impact functioning and create a hazard. Sometimes hoarding may place the individual or others at risk. Hoarding is a private disorder. Many hoarders have not had anyone in their home for years. Spouses of hoarders, too embarrassed to invite people over, often become socially isolated. Children of hoarders recall never inviting friends over, for fear that others would find out how they live. For hoarders and their families, it can feel as if things have replaced people.

The hoarding information reproduced on Gilbert Guide is from our online training site, eSMMART, which provides affordable, Web-based training for individuals working with older adults.


Margit Novack is the Founding President of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM). She can be reached via email at mnovak@movingsolutions.com or by phone at (610) 853-4300. See www.movingsolutions.com for more information.