Go Green & Save Money on Adult Diapers in One Simple Step

The economy isn’t the only thing that could use a boost: so could your diaper. Past topics in this column have discussed reducing your carbon footprint with adult diapers and ways to try incontinence products before you buy. But did you know you can save money and reduce your consumption of adult incontinence products by making one simple change?

Adult Diaper Doublers

In this post, I want to discuss the benefits and uses of booster pads, which are commonly referred to as “diaper doublers.” In a nutshell, a booster is an absorbent rectangular pad that is constructed without a plastic barrier so that liquid can easily pass through it. Often it is wrapped or covered in the same type of non-woven material that is used as cover material for the diaper.

The absorbent material is usually a blend of fluff pulp (same as in the diaper) and may have some polyaculate or superabsorbent polymers mixed in with the fluff—it is that absorbent stuff in the middle that really can help make a difference in both the performance of your incontinence product, and thereby your rate of consumption and the amount of money you spend on incontinence care overall.

These booster pads come in different lengths and widths sized to fit comfortably within the diaper or undergarment. When purchasing, check for the words “maxi” or “extra-length” and the accompanying sizing description to better understand how they’ll work with the product you currently use. It can be difficult to find boosters in some retail or mass-market stores. Your best bet for finding diaper doublers is an online store, preferably one which offers a sample so you can try before you buy.

Diaper Boosters Stretch Your Dollar

Everyone’s talking about economics these days, and as I mentioned earlier, using boosters can be a very cost-effective way to manage incontinence, since they can often help you cut down on the number of diapers you use by providing extra absorbency for urge and stress incontinence.

Additionally, using a booster pad at night can help extend the total absorbent capacity and comfort of the wearer depending on the individual level of incontinence. I have found for most store-bought diapers, including brands from Tena and Kimberly Clark as well as private-label brands, that a booster inside their diapers and protective underwear (e.g., Pull Ups) can greatly improve the longevity of the product and reduce cost. A good booster is far less expensive than double diapering (putting one diaper on top of another while cutting holes in the plastic of the diaper on top), not to mention much more comfortable, with less bulk.

Booster pads are available from Secure Personal Care and other sites that offer Attends Health Care products. Look for a category named “booster” or “diaper doublers.”