Geriatric Care Managers Explained

What They Do

Geriatric Care Managers are professional advocates who help seniors and their caregivers lead the highest possible quality of life. Trained in any of a number of fields related to long-term care, the GCM acts as your guide, primarily identifying problems and offering solutions. GCMs are trained to recognize telltale signs in your loved one that indicate specific needs -- signs that are clear to trained professionals, but which you may not be able to recognize yourself. GCMs can be hired to help you in times of crisis, should you need respite or as the full-time point of contact for all senior care services.

What to Expect

GCMs begin the process by conducting a comprehensive care assessment of the senior to determine his or her needs. The objective of an assessment is to draft a plan of care, which is based on the health, social, emotional and physical needs of that person.

GCMs often work with other long-term care professionals to coordinate as few or as many services as are necessary to meet the specific needs of your loved one. The services a GCM provides include screening, arranging and monitoring the services your loved one requires; preserving financial resources by helping you avoid inappropriate placements and duplicated services; intervening in a crisis; counseling and supporting; educating and advocating; and much more. The GCM will continue to monitor care on an ongoing basis, and will modify the care plan when appropriate.

Paying for Geriatric Care Managers

Geriatric care management is strictly private pay as Medicare, Medigap, Managed Care, Medicaid and LTCI do not cover the service. Read a detailed description of all types of reimbursements.

Veterans Benefits

What It Covers

While Veterans Benefits do not cover geriatric care management, they do cover Geriatric Evaluation and Management (GEM), a similar service that includes a comprehensive assessment of the veteran's physical, medical and emotional needs. The objective of the assessment is to build a customized plan of care that may include a combination of treatment, rehabilitation and social services.

Conditions and Limitations

The veteran must meet the eligibility criteria for VA benefits.

Finding and Assessing GCMs

Gilbert Guide provides national GCM listings along with information about how to assess GCM services so that you can find the care manager that is right for you.