Funeral or Memorial Service Program Template

Putting together a funeral or memorial service program can feel really daunting. Below you'll find a simple and straight-forward template that will help you create a program that integrates all the points covered in most memorial services while making sure you create a program that really honors a person's life.

Is the link not working for you? The file below is in a pdf format. To open it, you will need to download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat, which is free and safe software for your Mac or PC.

Front cover

In Memory of [complete name of the deceased]


[Dates of birth and death]
[Insert picture or image]
[Insert poem or quote]

Inside pages

Obituary of [name of deceased]

[Add brief biography or obituary here.]


[Funeral] or [Memorial] Service

[Date and time]
[Location, including address]


Order of Service


[Insert here]


Possible Additional Information


[Insert additional poems or quotes]

Remembering [first name of deceased]
[Add quotes or recollections from family members and friends]

Survivors include [add names of spouse or partner, close relatives, close friends, or others who had a close relationship with the deceased].

Flower bearers are [list names and their relationship to the deceased].

Pallbearers are [list names and their relationship to the deceased].


Final page


[Name of deceased] will be buried [or interred] at [name and address of the place of burial or interment; date and time of any service held there to which the public is invited].

Funeral arrangements were provided by [include the name, address, and telephone number of any funeral home handling final arrangements].

Memorial contributions are welcome at [name of group or fund, with contact information, including mailing address].

In Appreciation
[Insert statement of thanks from survivors]


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