Expert Program Overview

About is the leading website focused exclusively on eldercare. Our mission is to simplify and organize eldercare for the more than 30 million people -- many of them part of the "sandwich generation" -- who are caring for their aging parents or other loved ones.'s focus is to help these families make the journey of caregiving easier and more informed by providing a trusted resource to guide and support them along the way. Join us on our journey to help caregivers!

Expert Program FAQ's

  1. How much of my time will this take? Most experts find that it takes less than two hours a month. We ask that you answer at least one question a week. Our team assigns all incoming questions; we'll e-mail you when we've received a question in your area.
  2. Where will I be listed on creates an expert page all about you, including a photo and links to your website and/or books. Also, you will be included in our Directory of Experts.
  3. How does compensate me? In addition to the satisfaction of helping caregivers,'s experts find value in the public profile, with links to their websites, institutions, and books, being listed in our Directory of Experts, and from the exposure of publishing expert answers on a well-regarded website.
  4. How do I get started? Read our checklist on how to get started and familiarize yourself with our Tips for Writing Answers.
  5. What if I get a question that I don't want to answer? This happens occasionally. We expect that there will be some questions directed to you that are outside your area of expertise or that you simply don't want to answer for some other reason. It's easy to 'reject' a question.
  6. Should I talk to my institution about participating? Many of our experts do (and some institutions are happy to compensate experts for the time they spend answering questions). If you need help with this, has experience making institutions comfortable with your participation.