Epilepsy and Lifestyle

10 Tips to Make Living With Epilepsy Easier

"In most cases, seizures are random events," says Joyce Liporace, neurologist at Riddle Hospital, part of Main Line Health in Pennsylvania. But Liporace, as well as patients, caregivers, and other medical professionals, is also increasingly looking into behavioral factors that may affect the frequency of seizures and even their severity. Here's what to be aware of:

  1. Don't skip medication.
    Seizures can be provoked simply by missing a dose or two of medication. Put medication in a place where the person who is taking it is not likely to overlook it. For instance, set it right on the bedside table or next to the coffeemaker.

Patricia Wadsley

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over 2 years ago, said...

I have epilepsy and have had for approximately 30 years. I was diagnosed at 36 after times of then unknown seizures. Unless it was a grand maul do one thought of it being a seizure or let alone epilepsy. I have approximately 3 to 4 a month. The article gives me a new and encouraged look at what I must do in order to get this under control. Thank you

almost 4 years ago, said...

I have epilepsy so it was helpful for me to read and find out some more ways to possibly keep from having seizures.