What Is...Congregate Care?

Congregate care is similar to independent living. Residents of congregate care live independently, for the most part. This type of housing environment usually offers at least one communal meal per day, and it’s common for services and activities to be offered to residents. Independent living, on the other hand, typically offers only living quarters and limited services.

over 3 years, said...

I live in a "congregate care" J have a room that I have a roommate.They provide no food and I'm basically on my own.There is a counselor here 8 hours out of the day.I don't understand how they can charge the full amount when I have a roommate? I think this is fraud.Also my foodstamps got reduced because of how much they charge for rent which is $966.00 per person in a 2 person room.A room with 2 beds and a dresser..