Buying Adult Diapers Online

Practical Tips for Buying Adult Diapers Online

Recently I wrote about the different types of incontinence, analyzed some effective products, and have even tried to decipher exactly how and where to buy incontinence products online. Let’s face it: you’re buying a product that, when you’re done using it, you’re going to throw away. The top priorities are to make sure the product fits your needs and to make sure you’re getting a good deal. Dealing with incontinence issues can be very stressful. Buying adult diapers shouldn’t be. Here are a few final pointers that I hope will help guide you in buying incontinence products from e-commerce sites.

Where to Buy

Choose a company where the majority of its product line is incontinence-related. Sites that cater to the incontinence market are more likely to offer the widest range of product, pricing and shipping options. Does the retailer carry many different types of product (e.g., taped briefs, pads, liners, etc.)? The wider the range of product offerings, the better. This ensures you’ll be able to get the exact product you’re looking for, not a cheap product that may or may not meet the needs of your condition.

Make Sure They Know Their Stuff

It’s smart to look for a company with accessible, knowledgeable staff who will answer your questions over the phone or via email. Most reputable companies have a toll-free number. The ideal retailer knows and understands its competitors’ products. The representatives should be able to tell you how their products line up with the brand or type of product you currently use. Secure, Depend and Attends All offer adult diapers, but the products are quite different. It’s very important that the incontinence care provider helps you understand the nuances of the product you’re purchasing.

Try Before You Buy in Bulk

Most incontinence care providers understand the importance of their customers selecting the right product. Only buy products from companies that offer a trial or sample of the product you are interested in. Don’t waste your time, money and energy deciding on an online adult diaper retailer if they do not offer samples of products you are interested in. Samples usually aren’t free. They are meant to allow the consumer to try a product, and make sure it’s right for his or her needs, before buying in bulk. Samples are expensive for the retailer to put together, so it’s common for some of the cost to be defrayed by passing it on to the consumer. The per-piece cost for a sample is far more expensive than the per-piece cost of the product when bought by the case. The cost to handle a sample or trial with labor and freight far outweighs that same labor and freight cost of a case of even a bag. All e-commerce sites are lucky to break even on the cost to handle and ship a small 2-5 piece order...and given the cost of a barrel of oil today, you can expect that cost to go up. If you’re worried about the expense when an online retailer asks you to pay for a sample, ask if they’ll give you a rebate for that sample cost on a future order.

And lastly, keep in mind that any honest retailer should have no problem referring you to somewhere else if they don’t have a product that meets your needs.

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Gary is an adviser to online incontinence care products provider