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Getting a Second Opinion After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

When, where, how, and why to get a second opinion after a breast cancer diagnosis

By , Caring.com senior editor
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Getting a second opinion after a diagnosis of breast cancer is almost always a good idea -- and not just from another oncologist. Consider enlisting the expertise of another pathologist to doublecheck the lab findings. This is important, since an accurate diagnosis is key to getting exactly the right type of treatment. Breast cancer surgery is another area where a second opinion is extremely important.

Should everyone who's diagnosed with breast cancer get a second opinion?

Generally, yes. In cases where breast cancer is in the very early stage and treatment seems straightforward, it may be safe to follow the oncologist's recommendation without getting another opinion. But when it comes to breast cancer, there are many different treatment options, and researchers are releasing new information all the time. Some doctors may be less current on the latest research than others. One way to think about it: In order to play it safe, it's almost always best to err on the side of more information and options, rather than less.