8 Senior Moments That Warmed Our Hearts in 2017

The senior videos that made us laugh -- and cry -- this year

Anyone who’s paid any attention to the news these past 12 months can attest that 2017 has been something of a rollercoaster.

While the neverending news cycle was tough to look away from, it’s also worth remembering all of the wonderful, perhaps underappreciated moments that also made this year great. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the senior videos that gave us a break from current events and made us laugh -- and cry -- in 2017.

1. A Furry Christmas Surprise

This elderly woman’s pure delight at receiving a furry friend as a Christmas gift is priceless.

2. Senior Couple Show Off Dance Moves at Ludacris Concert

This senior couple reminded us that there’s no age limit to enjoying live music as they showed off their epic dance moves at a Ludacris concert.

3. Elderly Father Cares for Blind Son

In this short but sweet video, we were introduced to a 66-year-old man in China who cares for his blind 30-year-old son, patiently guiding him around town.

4. Aging Dog a Fixture at Assisted Living Community

When an assisted living resident died, his aging dog Izzy stayed put, earning her room and board by acting as the community’s official greeter and bringing joy to residents and visitors.

5.Assisted Living Residents Tie the Knot

Ann, 87, and Allen, 78, met and fell in love at a Brookdale senior living community in Texas, where they were set to tie the knot on Dec. 20.

6. A Friendly Balloon Fight

The residents of this senior living community in Denmark remind us that you don’t need fancy gadgets to have fun -- the simple act of tossing around some balloons can liven up the day and provide some easy, low-impact exercise.

7. Swing Dance Champions

This elderly couple became viral video sensations after showing off their swinging moves on the dancefloor.

8. SNL’s Amazon Echo Silver

Ok, so technically this video doesn’t feature an actual senior, but this list just wouldn’t be complete without Saturday Night Live’s depiction of an Amazon Echo device designed specifically for older adults.