Local Resources for Alzheimer's Care

How to Find Alzheimer's Care Help Near You

The editors of Caring.com recommend these local resources for family caregivers:


Adult Day Services (also called adult daycare or respite care)


Adult day care in Caring.com local directory

What they do: Offer social activities and basic health services to seniors in need of supervised care; many provide door-to-door transportation, meals, and personal care; some offer specialized services to those with dementia or disabilities

Cost: $25 to $70 a day or more, depending on location and services provided; many offer services on a sliding fee scale; not usually covered by Medicare but sometimes covered by Medicaid

Best for : Seniors with physical or mental limitations, such as dementia, and family caregivers who need a break from daily care


Alzheimer's Association




24-hour help line: 800-272-3900; supports multiple languages

What they do : Offer referrals to the nearest local chapter, which can refer you to local support groups and consultation services

Cost : Free referrals 

Best for : Identifying local Alzheimer's support groups and resources for everything from home safety to general caregiving


Area Agency on Aging

(name varies by community)


Area Agency on Aging in Caring.com local directory

What it does : Provides general information and offers referrals to local eldercare services, such as case managers, transportation, meals, adult day services, in-home caregivers, and legal assistance

Cost : Free general information and referrals; referred services usually free or inexpensive

Best for : Finding general eldercare information or eldercare services in a specific community


Elder Companions

(also called personal assistants; available through home health agencies and by searching online for independent caregivers)


Elder companions in Caring.com local directory

What they do : Provide companionship, a watchful eye, and sometimes transportation at prearranged hours during the week

Cost : Ranges from minimum wage to about $30 an hour, depending on location, services provided, and experience

Best for : Those who can't be left unsupervised but otherwise have no daily health care needs -- and family caregivers who need respite


Geriatric Care Managers


Geriatric care managers in Caring.com local directory

What they do : Assess needs and identify and coordinate resources; can take over nearly all aspects of eldercare in some cases

Cost : Some local government agencies and charities offer consulting services free or on a sliding scale; if hired privately, $75 to $250 an hour

Best for : Crisis or needs assessment, complicated ongoing care; supporting long-distance caregivers


Home Health Aides

(available through home health agencies)


Home health aides in Caring.com local directory

What they do : Offer personal care such as bathing, toileting, and feeding, along with minor medical care and limited housekeeping (such as changing sheets)

Cost : Ranges from about $15 to $40 an hour, depending on location, services provided, and training (certified aides, who have more medical training, earn more); if medical help needed, may be covered short-term by Medicare (if deemed medically required) or over the longer term by Medicaid

Best for : Those who need some personal or light medical care in order to stay in their homes