Adult Day Services

What You Need to Know About Adult Day Services

What It Is

Adult day care provides a safe and caring setting for adults within a social model program. Programs are structured and designed, often through the development of a personal care plan, to cover the daily individual needs of each participant, including a variety of social and supportive services. Participants may be physically, mentally or functionally impaired, or they may simply need companionship or supervision during part of the day.

What to Expect

Day care is based primarily around participants" social needs. Most programs offer meals and some provide transportation. A variety of activities are offered with the purpose of providing stimulation and socialization for participants. Some common activities are mentally stimulating activities such as word association, trivia questions and crossword puzzles; physically stimulating activities include exercise and dance.

Paying for Adult Day Care

Adult day care services are usually private pay. However, some day care centers offer need-based scholarships, and others have a sliding scale. Medicare, Medigap, Managed Care, Medicaid and Veterans Benefits do not cover adult day care.

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What It Covers

Homecare Only and Comprehensive policies pay benefits in an adult day care facility, but the amount of coverage depends on the individual policy. For information on how to determine what kind of LTCI policy suits your needs, visit our Financing Long Term Care Expert Column.

How to Find and Assess

Gilbert Guide provides national adult day care listings along with information on how to assess adult day care programs so that you can find a program that will best fit your needs.