Activity of the Week: Car Shows With Dad

There's just something about cars that makes men's hearts beat faster.
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Most men enjoy cars. That's why a car show is a great activity to enjoy with your dad (or husband, or any guy). Car shows take place all over the country, ranging from a gathering of local car enthusiasts to high-end shows. It's a great way to spend a few hours.

What you'll need:

Check with your your local auto parts store for a listing of upcoming car shows -- or search online. Most major cities have an annual auto show at least. Some car shows charge a fee, but many of those offer discounts. Consider taking along a couple of stadium seats (those small, collapsible chairs) so you can take a break if you get hot or tired.

Why it's great:

  • Most guys enjoy cars, and it will delight and surprise them when you suggest spending a few hours perusing old or new vehicles.

  • You can tap into memories. Even many older adults with Alzheimer's can remember what car they owned in their 20s.

  • It sparks conversation. What was his first car? What's his dream car? Share what cars you like as well.

  • It's multigenerational. Take your son, nephew, neighbor, or daughter -- girls like cars, too!

How to do it:

  • Check your area for car museums. Many small towns have impressive museums.

  • You can even take a drive to some of your local dealers and check out the new and used cars. Don't forget the high-end dealers, so you can dream about that Lamborghini you want for your next birthday!

  • What about model car shows? They often travel the country. You could even make a model car together -- another fun activity you can do at home.

  • Don't rush. Car shows for men are like the mall for women. Don't just stand on the side -- encourage your loved one to strike up a conversation, look under the hood, or sit in the passenger seat. Take a photo of him. Buy some ice cream, and let him take his time.

  • Make it a fun family day. Many car shows have music, arts and crafts, and contests, so be ready to have a great day.

To get started, take a look at the North American Car Show schedule and the Antique Car Club of America schedule.