6 Vision-Boosting Tips for Someone With Dementia

6 Vision-Boosting Tips for Someone With Dementia
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Some of the confusion of dementia can actually be the result of low vision. The good news: This kind of trouble is reversible. How you can help:

  1. Make cleaning the person's glasses part of the morning routine. A rinse under tap water is fine. You might be surprised how oblivious your loved one can be to cloudy lenses.

  2. Keep a spare pair, since those who wear glasses are prone to losing them. Or just keep on hand the most recent old pair.

  3. Check through the day that glasses are on. If your loved one misplaces them, he or she may forget to keep looking and not even realize they're missing.

  4. Turn on extra lights, so the house is well lit -- especially at night.

  5. Always bring glasses to the hospital, and make sure your loved one has access to them whenever possible. Glasses are often taken off for procedures or exams and then not returned, and someone with dementia can forget to ask for them.

  6. Keep up regular eye exams. This simple step can correct vision problems that are mistaken for signs of worsening dementia yet have nothing at all to do with brain function.

Paula Spencer Scott

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