Leading resource for aging adults identifies key indicators for most sought-after amenities and resources in all states and 302 cities

SAN MATEO, CA; 10/7/19 Caring.com, a leading senior care referral service with Family Advisors nationwide, released its 2019 Senior Living Report on the Best and Worst Places for Seniors to Live. All 50 states and 302 cities in the U.S. were ranked based on healthcare, housing options, community engagement, transportation, quality of life and workforce development. 

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, almost 20 million Americans will be age 80 or older by 2030. With such a fast-growing population, it’s critical that our communities address the needs and socioeconomic conditions of the elderly. Caring’s team spent countless hours researching 70 factors that were key markers for livability and quality of life. A total of six metrics were used to grade each city and state. 

“Compiling and analyzing senior care data to provide helpful and highly relevant insights has been part of our social mission since our company was founded in 2007,” says Jason Persinger, Caring’s Chief Digital Officer. “This comprehensive study is designed to help families and seniors understand and discuss the landscape for senior living in specific states, while also supporting our nation’s communities in better serving the growing population of seniors.”  

Caring not only examined top priorities for seniors, but they also expanded the study to highlight factors driving socioeconomic conditions for older adults. Healthcare and affordable housing options were top-of-mind when measuring the most livable environments. Other areas that contribute to the well-being and quality of life for seniors include community engagement, transportation and workforce development. 

“In addition to healthcare and housing options, we also thought it was important to look at states and cities with the best workforce development programs,” says Persinger. “Although some people completely retire at age 65, many seniors are forced to work part-time or take on a second career just to make ends meet.” 

The 2019 list recognized Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, Nebraska, and Minnesota along with the best overall states. Nevada, South Carolina, New Mexico, Georgia, and Arkansas were ranked among the worst states. To access the complete ranking of the Best and Worst Places for Senior Living, please visit https://www.caring.com/senior-living/.

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Top 10 Best Places for Seniors to Live in the United States 

1st – Vermont

2nd – New York

3rd – Massachusetts

4th – Nebraska

5th – Minnesota

6th – Maine

7th – Iowa

8th – South Dakota

9th – Wisconsin

10th – New Hampshire

Top 10 Worst Places for Seniors to Live in the United States

50th – Nevada

49th – South Carolina

48th – New Mexico

47th – Georgia

46th – Arkansas

45th – Texas

44th – Florida

43rd – Tennessee

42nd – Arizona

41st – Delaware


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