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Financial Assistance for Seniors

Most seniors rely on a wide range of Social Security benefits to provide at least some regular income. Those who have few assets and very low income might also qualify for the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program. And if either partner of a married couple was in the military, they both may be eligible for veterans benefits. Try the BenefitsCheckup calculator to find out what benefits you're eligible for.

Some veterans receive priority medical care from the V.A. Learn about the priority group system, who's eligible, and how to apply for priority care.

The V.A. pays monthly benefits to certain low-income veterans. Learn who's eligible, how much the V.A. pays, and how to apply for a V.A. pension.

Most veterans are eligible for V.A. medical benefits -- with some restrictions. Learn who's eligible, what benefits are provided, and how to apply.

More About Financial Assistance for Seniors

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