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When does hospice get called in?

1 answer | Last updated: Jun 23, 2013
flowerfan asked...
When does hospice get called in?

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MBrase71 answered...

Hospice care can be called in at any time during a life limiting illness. Family and friends of the individual who is ill can discuss the use of hospice with See also:
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physicians, friends, and other health care professionals to discuss all of the options. Also, a family member can call their local hospice at any point during the illness to find out more information, or to find out if hospice would be appropriate. Typically an individual is referred to hospice when they have less than six months to live, but this is not the rule. Depending on the individual hospice provider, patients may receive hospice for much longer, as long as they have been diagnosed with a life limiting illness and demonstrate the need for the additional help. All of this information was found on the Hospice website, www.hospicenet.org.


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