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What does liver cancer feel like?

1 answer | Last updated: Jun 21, 2012
dr3amer asked...
What does liver cancer feel like?

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brazil2010 answered...

What liver cancer feels like depends a great deal on the stage of the disease, I believe. At first someone with liver cancer may notice no symptoms. But as the See also:
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cancer grows he or she might feel pain in the right upper abdomen or right shoulder or back. There might be loss of appetite and weight loss, and swelling of the abdomen as fluid accumulates (called ascites).

Someone with liver cancer might feel very tired, and he or she may have jaundice as the liver fails to clear bilirubin. As the cancer grows and the liver expands, it may cause pain. If the cancer spreads to other parts of the body, there may also be bone pain, intestinal blockage, and neurological symptoms, like confusion and delirium.

Much of what liver cancer feels like will also depend on the treatments the person is receiving, I would think.


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