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What happens if bladder cancer is left untreated?

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aviatrix asked...
What happens if bladder cancer is left untreated?
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Symptoms of bladder cancer alone are things like Anemia, bone pain, fatigue, and unhealthy weight loss. If left untreated it can lead to more serious health problems. The cancer can See also:
How long can my Mom live with stage 4 metastatic bladder cancer?

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spread to other organs such as the Prostate, Rectum, Ureters, Uterus. Vagina, Liver and your Lungs. There is also the possibility of the cancer spreading to your bones. There are five classified stages of bladder cancer, stage zero being classified as "Non-invasive tumors that are only in the bladder lining" and stage four as "Tumor has spread to neighboring lymph nodes or to distant sites (metastatic disease)." There are many treatments for bladder cancer of all stages and if caught early, the chances of curing it are relatively high. If cancer is caught in the early stages (stages zero to two) there is over a fifty percent cure expectancy.


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