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What are drugs similar to Abilify?

1 answer | Last updated: Jul 19, 2012
the tennesseean asked...
What are drugs similar to Abilify?

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A_Cataldo answered...

There are a few drugs or alternative treatments that a person can use instead of Abilify, but it depends on why a person is taking Abilify in the first place. For someone who is dealing with uni polar depression they can try tricyclics or SSRI's. If a person is bipolar they can try Lamictal or Lithium instead of Abilify. These medicines can be lower in cost as they have generic alternatives available. Another alternative is for a person to use therapy instead of medications. The other medicines available are Zyprexa, Risperdal, Seroquel but they all carry with them their own problems of costs and side effects.


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