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Should Plavix be stopped before dental extractions?

1 answer | Last updated: Jan 06, 2011
GrayLuc asked...
Should Plavix be stopped before dental extractions?

Marcie_F answered...

This is an anti-platelet medication, it is also known as clopidogrel to medical professionals and pharmacists. Plavix is a brand of this drug. When undergoing dental surgeries it is considered "safe enough" to continue on the same dosage of anti-platelet medication as the patient is used to. There may be an increase in haemostasis (stopping of bleeding) during the surgeries (this includes extraction) but it is minimal. You can compare Plavix to aspirin in this instance as far as how much difference it will make in blood clotting factors. There is no need for concern as long as the teeth being extracted at any one time total three or less.


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