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What type of glasses can I purchase after cataract surgery and what is covered under Medicare Plan B?

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What type of glasses can I purchase after cataract surgery and what is covered under Medicare Plan B?

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Medicare Part Bcan pay for one pair of eyeglasses following your cataract surgery, if you had a new lens implanted in your eye. If you have two separate cataract See also:
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operations, one on each eye, Medicare will cover new glasses after each surgery. Medicare Part B will pay for the lenses and the frames, but only for a basic, low-cost frame. If you buy more expensive frames than the basic ones approved by Medicare, you'll have to pay out of pocket for the difference between the standard amount Medicare pays and the amount your frames actually cost. Also, you have to pay a coinsurance amount, which is 20 percent of the amount Medicare approves for the lenses and frames. To read more about these rules, you can go online to the Medicare pamphlet Medicare Coverage of Durable Medical Equipment and Other Devices.

To get this Medicare coverage, you must purchase your glasses from an optician or optometrist that participates in Medicare. Before you choose your new glasses, make sure to let the optician or optometrist's office know that the bill is to be sent to Medicare. Ask which frames they have that are fully covered by Medicare (not counting your 20 percent coinsurance amount). Then you can decide whether to accept one of those frames or choose a different frame and personally pay the difference between what Medicaid will pay and what those frames actually cost.


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