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After my stroke, I lost my sense of taste. Will this change?

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Julia Estrada asked...
I lost my taste buds after my stroke. Will this change or is this a permanent disability?

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James Castle, M.D. is a neurologist at NorthShore University HealthSystem (affiliated with The University of Chicago) and an expert on strokes.
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I have heard a few people tell me that they lost their sense of taste after a stroke. In general, I think of this as being similar to other deficits See also:
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after a stroke. Gauging how much and how quickly an improvement will occur is very difficult.

In general, stroke symptoms improve over the 6 months following the stroke, then start to stabilize. However, the amount of improvement is very difficult to prognosticate. Much like a weatherman or an economist, as a stroke doctor, my forecast predictions are often "off-the-mark". What I can tell you is that, in general, the recovery usually progresses at a fairly steady state. If you feel like things are slowly improving, I would expect that to continue. If you have noticed no improvement, you should not loose all hope, but the expected improvement will likely be less, if at all.


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Dr4evry1 answered...

In my 35 years of experience with my(late)father who was an Ayurvedic Physician in Salem, Tamilnadu, India. I have seen thousands of patients with stroke and treated them. It all depends upon your age and other health conditions like HTN,DM and your Mental Health status, and also depends the stroke side,(left or right). If any one has a stroke on rt side, they will have normal with little difficulty in taste, speech, sight and hearing. If it is on the lt side they will have problem in speech, taste, sight and hearing and also the deviation of their mouth(lips)like the Bells(Facial)Palsy. But all this conditions can be treated by Ancient Indian treatment aka Ayurveda Uzhichil Therapy in 6 weeks course of treatment and gradually, virtually you will see the improvement.


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Southern Belle RN answered...

My stroke was in 2006. As of today my taste is still very much altered. It makes cooking difficult because I don't know how the seasonings taste. But every so often I will bite into something and the taste will register and it is like having sex for the first time. I had a sip of coffee a couple of days ago that was heaven. I think of those times as an unexpected pleasure.I am very interested in the note above. Best of luck.


BEETEE answered...

This is weird stuff. my neurologist has never heard of a couple of my post stroke(severe right side in 2003)symptoms. Taste & smell was slowly going away at my 6 year mark and is largely difficult to recognize if not 'gone' primarily on my left 'affected' side.and anything cold sprinkled on my left, feels like a fine tipped blowtorch. God Bless, everyone!


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