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Can bone and joint pain be a symptom of cancer or is it just bad arthritis?

15 answers | Last updated: Oct 24, 2014
An anonymous caregiver asked...
When your bones and joints hurt so bad, to the point you can barely walk or move, could it be some kind of cancer or just a bad case of arthritis? Doctors can't seem to figure out the cause of this and it's been going on for six years.
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LeBecky answered...

I have this problem every day. I'm only 54 and this started a few years ago. I knew I had arthritis in my back and pelvic area, but it seems to me that my whole body aches with pain , every day. I hate to bend or stoop. I can do very little in housework without resting, when I could used to clean my house in a few hours. I have questioned bone cancer, as my father died in 4/08 with a tumor on his spine that spread to all or most of his organs and into his bones. I'm to young to have all this crap. I wanted to enjoy my later years and go and do. I can't even walk around the block sometimes. Is very frustrating to be in this spot at this early age.


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RPh answered...

Please get medical help. If you have ever had an MRI of your spine done, did you get to see the report itself? If so, did it state anything about "tarlov cysts" being present? (it would be an "incidental note" on the MRI report. These are NOT cancer, but check http://www.tarlovcyst.org and please see your MD, as my answer is informational only. Good Luck!!


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LeBecky answered...

I just had an MRI a few weeks ago. I have arthritis throughout my whole back and joints even in some of my feet, arms, wrists, and well i guees just about everywhere. Most of my back is just bone on bone and we talked about surgery and then when i returned four days later he just prescibed a pain killer and muscle relaxer. The pain killer knocks me out , i take it at night and i felt better but groggy and maybe a little sick to my stomach. Then he wants me to do therepy and I have done that a million times. its is not the answer either. I want to have a fix of my back not just get addicted to the pain killers and live like i"m in the time zone. I don't think this is the answer. Ig surgery could fix it you:'d think they would do it so i could like a somewhat normal life. I am tired of living like this and want to do something that will give me back some of my life cause i have none right now. I am depressed every day and angry for being in the situation i am in. There is no one to take care of me when i do need help so things go undone for sometime. I am sick of the itis brothers and want an answer from a doctor that will help me.


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doris in nh answered...

i was diagnosed with rhumatoid athritis and secondary sgjrons syndrome two years ago. it started 5 years before that with my first symptoms being achy joints and just feeling blah as if i had the flu. as the years went on it has gotton worse and i also have been in such pain that you wonder sometimes if it is bone cancer because athritis couldnt possibly feel this bad! well im here to tell you and im sure there are alot of other people with RA that yes it can be pretty painful and make you feel pretty crappy at times. i am only 43 and have often felt bad for myself until i remind myself there are innocent children that have RA and that is definetly not fair!!!


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An anonymous caregiver answered...

I had non stop deep joint pain in both my knees. GP, rhumatoid specialist and osteo doctors all said it was a virus. I asked to be tested for several diseases that included deep joint pain, loss of weight, low grade constant fever, night sweats. Turned out 3 doctors grossly misdiagnosed me. I had stage one lung cancer. I took my records to another medical group and he said the tumor in my lower right lung had grown to a point where it was pressing on nerves to my knees and as soon as I had lung surgery the pain would go away and it did. That was in 1995 and knock on wood, I've been cancer free ever since.


Woman in pain. :'( answered...

I have the same problem. I am 42 years old and i dont have a normal life. I was an active woan did my house work in a flash. But now i cant get up from my bed. ALL my body hurts. My waist is KILLING me. I a, worst than an old person. I cry every morning because i dont know whats wrong. And with no insurance it stinks. I cant work any more. So if someone finds a cure please help.. Hurting person here. :'(


An anonymous caregiver answered...

I am only 16 and have RA. If i could imagine what a mild version of cancer would feel like i do believe it would feel similar. Its rather difficult for me to do anything. I cant even open a water bottle or chew hard foods because it is worse in my hands and jaw. But I think the worst symptom is the fatigue. I always feel like i have no energy at all.


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An anonymous caregiver answered...

Hi, I too have Been suffering with chronic pain in what felt like joints, shoulder pain, elbow pain, pain in knees, ankles, hips, wrists fingers and hands, lower to mid back pain. Pain in chest. I have been diagnosed as having chronic fibromyalgia. By 3 consultant rheumatologists. Three years later and to present date. I am seeing another, he sent me for chest X-Ray, it has shown a lung nodule. I am now awaiting a scan as an urgent matter. I am worried about the out come. Do not ever ignore any kind of joint pain or bone pain. Every possible cause should be ruled out before being labeled as having Fibromyalgia. Do not be fobbed off with it like I did.


mintech answered...

I had the same thing and I am 54 and going through menopause. Well, ladies what you are experiencing is joint pain due to lack of estrogen in your body. I starting having severe pain in my knees mostly. I was an active sport type women. After doing my own research and I starting using bio identical hormone replacement via Smoky Mountain estroil and Natural Progesterone Cream https://www.smokymountainnaturals.com/products/creams-a-lotions/all-products/4-creams-a-lotions/P18-natural-estriol-cream. I also take a GNC menopause vitamins pack also. Vitamin D3 is actually more important than Calicum. After just a few weeks of use the knee pain is gone. I am feel 95% better. please look into this as I did. Estrogen is a minor hormone but so important to a women health. There are no need to suffer. Do what I did and take your health back. Do not take Prempo or Premarin. Most doctor think it is an "one size fits all " pill and Premarin is the commercial name for a medication consisting primarily of conjugated estrogens. Isolated from mares' urine (pregnant mares' urine), do not put that crap in your body. It will not solve your joint pain I have already tried it. Take it from me I have suffered for 2 years. Menopause sucks for sure. http://www.herplace.com/hormone-info/natural-vs-synthetic.htm this website will show you difference is natural vs synthetic hormones. Do some research like I did so your life can get back to normal like mine did. God Bless all. p.s. here is a doctor that explains it well about one of his patients. Menopausal Arthritis

I explained to Joyce that she had fairly classical Menopausal Arthritis caused by an inflammatory response associated with declining estrogen levels. I have noted this in many of my patients. The inflammatory process is usually relieved by bio-identical estrogen as a topical cream. Joyce's lab panel showed low estrogen levels, and Joyce was started on her bio-identical hormone program. Six weeks later, Joyce reports complete relief of symptoms. Her arthritis pains have gone. In addition, Joyce reports that she went off the bio-identical hormone cream for a week to see what would happen, and sure enough, the arthritis came back, only to be relieved again by resuming the hormone cream. This is a fairly typical story that I have seen over and over again.


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An anonymous caregiver answered...

I live w pain in all of my joints day and nite. Throbbing, striking, pounding, swelling, stiffness, fatigue, flu ?ik symtom, tiresome, lo.st of interest, sleep. I jut think its more than jut RA. I went thru a few most expensive RA meds but no help. I feel that my specialist RA is neglecting my well being therefore I'm goin to see another specialist. I hav told my RA dr bout my concern of server chonic continuous pain I live w. I'm so depressed n get upset why nothing wrkz n why cant d dr do something. Its so frustrating n its hurtful that no one understand ur pain n wat its lik to b n this situation I'm in. At time I feel guilt cuz I can't do much due to my mobility limitation. I very dislike the pain. My limitation robs freedom. Still I force my self to do wat I got to do. Pain medication doesn't help much but little. I cry n d dark cuz I really don't know why I'm lik this n cuz of d pain is excruciating n I don't know how to stop r comfort d darn pain. This website redured me dat I'm not d only one lik this.


christine1989 answered...

My god you remind me of what my mothers going thru ... we have been to countless of Drs and none have really helped her. My mom is 67 and has osteo orthoritis In her bones and shes type 2 diabetic..shes gotten cortisone injection in her knee My mom was very active in her younger years but as of 5 years ago this pain gradually started getting worse and then her diabetes came so from there on her health is on the decline.So all she does is sit in the living room in pain upset at everything due to this pain that is controlling her life. And its horrible to see my mother in pain because she cant do nothing no medication has helped her. Please if u do have any suggestions on what I can tell her drs to do or what kind of test to run it would be very helpful.


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