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How much does Lunesta cost?

4 answers | Last updated: Aug 09, 2014
beachtime asked...
How much does Lunesta cost?

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TAgan50 answered...

The cost of Lunesta depends on if you have insurance to cover the cost or part of the cost of the medicine. The average price per pill is $3.89. If you have insurance that covers it, a bottle of 90 pills can end up costing only around $9 or a little bit more. To make sure this is the right medicine for you, there is a free trial voucher offered through the Lunesta website that can be turned in to a physician to obtain free samples to last a week. Keep in mind as you keep taking these pills, your tolerance will buildup. This may result in having to take more pills to get the same effect.


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noelvm answered...

I've looked at about 10 sites for an answer to this question and it's always the same "With insurance it's around $3.60 a pill." Well good for you and your insurance. I'm glad you have it. MOST PEOPLE DON'T. and for all the "great unwashed" that don't the cost is almost $10.00 a pill and be careful. Don't get into Lunesta unless you can keep paying for it because it's adictive.

I can see the headlines now " Man caught robbing Stop and Go says he did it to get Lunesta as his insurance quit paying because he was in the "donut hole." :-)


An anonymous caregiver answered...

I just got my last script from Walgreens at $360/30 days or $12 per pill. That's insane!!! I don't need sleep THAT bad. Seriously?!?!?!?


An anonymous caregiver answered...

The price sky rocketed in Spring of 2014 because it was headed to generic market in May. Drugs will go way high just before they go generic. The cost will be inching down now and should be really cheap in a few years for everyone, insured or not.


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