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How can I stop taking Abilify?

1 answer | Last updated: Sep 14, 2010
the tennesseean asked...
How can I stop taking Abilify?

MathewO47 answered...

If you plan on stopping Abilify first speak to your doctor. You will not want to instantly stop or "cold turkey" this medication. Whether you are stopping all anti-psychotics', or See also:
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changing o another brand will determine your weaning plan. How long you have been taking it will also dictate how fast you can stop Abilify. Drugs such as Abilify should be slower decreased. For example, if you are taking 30 mg you doctor will take you to 20, then 15, then 10, and then 2 mg until you are off of the medication. If you just stop taking the medication you will most likely experience withdraw symptoms and side effects that include hallucinating, twitching, seizures, vomiting, confusion, and migraines. You may also find yourself slipping hard into the illness you were prescribed the medication for. Though you may be impatient to stop Ability, weaning off properly will keep you and your body safe.


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