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What famous people have had kidney cancer?

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What famous people have had kidney cancer?

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Renal cell carcinoma refers to a type of kidney cancer in which the cancerous cells are found in the lining of very small tubes in the kidney. Several famous people See also:
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have had this disease and survived while others did not survive it. Among those who survived kidney cancer are Frank Burrows Scottish manager and former player, Jim Duggan who was a professional wrestler and was popularly known as hacksaw. He survived a kidney surgery. Another celebrity who survived kidney cancer is English radio and television host James Whale who told his listeners in 2000 he would not be returning but survived and founded the James Whale fund for kidney cancer in 2006 while Nicholas Owens is also a BBC presenter who was diagnosed in 2002 and was made honorary patron of kidney cancer U.K in 2003. Some famous people did lose the fight to kidney cancer among these are Kevin hawkins- 911 detective who died from substances he inhaled at ground zero, barbara gallagher was an artiste from alabama, the prolific painter died in 2006. Ivica racan was the former croatian prime minister who died in 2007 from kidney cancer, lee remick actress died in 1989 on location while shooting a movie, her cancer involved lungs, kidney and liver, joni richards mother of denise richards also died from kidney cancer. Stephen spielberg was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma . It is a cancer of the kidney and he had surgery to remove one kidney


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