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Can Wellbutrin and Prozac be taken together?

1 answer | Last updated: Feb 04, 2011
VampEwst asked...
Can Wellbutrin and Prozac be taken together?

Lance_H answered...

Yes Wellbutrin and Prozac can be combined in a treatment for mild to severe depresion. You will need to be closely monitored by you're Dr. And make sure to report See also:
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any and all side affects, whether you think they are important or not. These drugs are given in combination sometimes to counteract the sexual side affects of Prozac. I have also seen that Wellbutrin is good for appetite supression accompanied with over eating while suffering from depresion.Being tired is a side affect of being on both of these drugs together, So you should not drive or opperate machinery untill you know how it will affect you. Contact your DR if you develope a rapid heatbeat. Or become short of breath.


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