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Are there seizure medications out there that are as effective as Depakote?

4 answers | Last updated: Jul 04, 2014
tinkerbella asked...
My husband is 39 and has seizures. He is on 2500mg of Depakote an I was wondering if there was a medicine that will be as effective as that medication so that we can cut down on the mgs.

raven1 answered...

Has you'r husband tried carbopanzipine, dilantin or keppra? I am 52 and have Grand Mal seizures and take these daily.I have diazepen rectal gel for seizures lasting more than 2mins. or repeting at several times over a given period. Atavan is also calming and may help.


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indianaqueen answered...

Always ask doctors first, but I have seizures and they tried just about every pill I thought there was, Depakote was one but it didn't do well so not on it any more, I am taking dilantin, vimpat 200 mg tabs and zonegram 800 mg daily which, is finally controlling my seizures for the first time in almost 30 years. Ask your doctor


An anonymous caregiver answered...

I too have been on about ever medication out there. I am 38 currently on Depakote 500mgX2 as well as Lamictol 200X2...(These are not supposed to be taken together, I still have breakthroughs, I overdose at least once a week and have slight acne all over my shoulders and front of my body) At first it seemed(s) to be working but the more "WEIGHT" I gain seems as if the dose needs to go up to compensate for the gain. I have gained more than 30 lbs and rising since July when I started it. I personally have never heard of Depakote mg being lowered but only increased. My nero tells me there are other medications that will work like Depakote. I will inquire on the 27th. I wish you luck in finding another drug for your husband or some kind of medium that works for him


sargesam answered...

HEY I suffer with complex partial seizures and depakote am nd lamictal didnt work for me either then a new doctor turned me on to vimpat which now seem to be workin it's been almost 6 months since I had ( knock on wood )


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