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Envoy of Winchester, LLC
Posted by Gina333 March 04, 2014

I am a friend or relative of resident

First off let me say some of the workers there are very very helpful and very very concerned. Others not so much. The biggest problem NOT enough staffing. My dad left there yesterday. He will never go back. He was NOT ready to go home. But what are our options. Most of the time (not always) I saw they did what they could with the staff that they had. The caring ones ran around like crazy people. That is one way to make a major mistake. When he was discharged, my mom, my boyfriend and I loaded him into the car ourselves. Kind of the last straw on a miserable almost month long experience. There was ice everywhere. My dad had very little mobility on his own. The wheel chair ramp was covered with snow and ice which I took pictures (gotta love camera phones). The parking lot and sidewalks were covered with ice as well. There was no one to even walk us to the car. This was typical of his entire stay. They were just over worked for the number of staff members that they had working. While we sat waiting by the nurses station to get his stuff ready which was a treat in itself. The phone at the nurses station rang 5 times without being answered. I was so tempted to go answer it myself. I think if you can do for yourself this place could work. But if you have to depend on anyone, I would say NO NO NO. I know most of the staff tries their best. But it was beyond belief what one or two people seemed to be in charge of. So sad that this is the way that most of us will end up spending our last months on this earth.

Envoy of Winchester, LLC
Posted by kyrania February 16, 2011


I had heard a lot of good things about this facility. When my mother in law had hip replacement surgery and was placed at Envoy I was ecstatic. However when she arrived she could never get a straight answer on anything about her medications, when she would go home, etc. She would pull the call chord and it would take them a better part of an hour to respond which is unacceptable. When I would call and try to get answers no one seemed like they had any idea what was going on and I would never get a call back on anything. When it came to her discharge I had a heck of a time getting her prescriptions and now I am waiting on a call back about her in home therapy from the Social Worker and she is now 3 hrs late calling me back. The most caring person there was a wonderful lady that was in maintenance who came in and gave my MIL a hug and wished her the best. Bottom line....there are some severe deficiencies in regards to lack of communication and response time that needs to be addressed before I ever put her back there.

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