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Britthaven of Jacksonville
Posted by avasmom26 June 12, 2012

I am a friend or relative of a resident

the staff seemed ok though there was only one nurse for the whole faculity, the housekeepers seemed to be doing things i dont think they should medically be doing. it was a regular looking place thou it did have a horrible smell,and mr. metts did tell me he liked the cnas for the most part they were nice to him.The food left alot to the imagination, maybe that is were the smell was, they did have activitys for the people to partiapate in but it seemed the cna had there favorites and those were the one who got brought outside and stuff, while the other folks were kinda just sitting in the hallway by themselves, It was not the worst place i have ever seen and definitly not the best.

Britthaven of Jacksonville
Posted by GeiaGonzalez September 29, 2011

I visited this facility

I was doing my clinicals for my CNA exam when I visited Britthaven. It seemed like a very nice place at first. It looked very clean and well organized compared to other placed I'd been. But then once orientation was over it seemed like the building's true colors began to show. The residents were being left on their toilets for over thirty minutes while the CNA's and LPN's were gossiping in the hallway. The CNA's would sit and text on their cellphones in patients rooms. And there was plenty of unnecessary roughness. I couldn't wait to get out of there. Everyday I felt horrible knowing the way those people were being treated. In my opinion it should have been shut down a long time ago! It sickened me to see a woman sitting in her own waste for hours at as time because no one wanted to clean her up. If ever there was a case of negligence. Almost all of the staff should have been fired and sued, I believe.

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