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From The Laurels & The Haven in Stone Oak

The Laurels & The Haven in Stone Oak, an assisted living and Alzheimer's and dementia care residence, is located in beautiful, historic San Antonio, Texas.

The Laurels

The Laurels is among the finest assisted living residences anywhere. The architectural design, layout, and decor are superb; the multiple levels of care and activities provide customized care for each individual resident; and every member of The Laurels in Stone Oak staff is a dedicated professional. The Laurels offers a variety of floor plans with an array of living options, as well as multiple dining, recreational, service, and social areas -- all beautifully appointed and decorated.

Wide, well-lit hallways and a well-designed floor plan make all areas handicap accessible. The landscaped grounds include gardens, playgrounds, and visiting areas.

The Haven

The Haven is an assisted living residence designed, programmed, and staffed for individuals with early, middle, and late stages of Alzheimer's and dementia. Tailored to enhance dignity and foster independence, The Haven has licensed and offers a progressive approach, which encourages family participation through care planning, education, special events, and support groups.

This 40,000-square foot assisted living residence is separated into two main areas - The Public House and The Private House. The Public House contains the business office, kitchen area, an activity/community room, and other meeting areas. The Private House is dedicated completely to the comfort and well-being of our residents and contains three assisted living neighborhoods - each designed for the early, middle, or late stages of Alzheimer's and dementia; a dining and sitting area as well as a TV room; a spa; and Main Street, which includes an ice cream parlor, a beauty salon, and other life skills areas reminiscent of 1940s Main Street America.

Reviews of The Laurels & The Haven in Stone Oak

Average Rating: 4.8 based on 4 Reviews

The Laurels & The Haven in Stone Oak
Posted by Caring95191650 September 30, 2014

I am/was a resident of this facility

We’ve moved into The Laurels & The Haven. It’s very clean. It’s a very nice facility. Everybody has been wonderful. We have a 2-bedroom: it’s very nice and very adequate. They have 3 meals a day. The food is very good; the dining facility is fine. We love it here.

The Laurels & The Haven in Stone Oak
Posted by Bobbie Sena February 28, 2014

I visited this facility

The Laurels was perfect. You could not find a thing wrong. Everything was just super clean, super beautiful, neat, delicious food, nice people and wonderful environment. On a surface of it, just visiting you would think it's perfect. I went for lunch and an interview. I liked that it's right by the hospital, doctors, and dentist that I used. I liked that very much. But I know better. I know that you have to live in a place to know what it's really like.

The Laurels & The Haven in Stone Oak
Posted by commercesd June 07, 2012

I visited this facility

While driving through San Antonio, we decided to stop in and visit The Laurels in Stone Oak, since we were looking for an assisted living facility where my brother's friend could live.

We were impressed that they could accommodate our last-minute visit. The area is very convenient for the family.

The main area seemed clean and well tended, and the decor was quite nice and fresh. The facility was well tended and very nice for seniors and they receive the level of care and supervision they need.

The food we saw looked very appetizing. The dining areas have many options. From more intimate to communal dining, resident can choose whatever they like in addition to hosting guests in their own spaces. The choices looked nutritious and delicious, as well as the regular snacks offered continually.

The variety of activities offered was impressive. Just about any hobby you might have can be accommodated and many more. The staff goes out of its way to suggest stimulating things to do, from reading, to playing games and enjoying outings in the community.

The living suites were all a nice size and did not seem cramped. They were also beautifully decorated. The rooms we viewed were all very clean, well-kept and inviting - kind of resembling what you might find at a nice bed and breakfast.

We liked the exercise room where they had yoga mats and machines. They also have scheduled classes for those who are interested.

We felt that this is a facility where anyone can live well in their later years.

The Laurels & The Haven in Stone Oak
Posted by katiebobatie December 07, 2011

I am a friend or relative of a resident

I went to nearby Reagan high school, so I could frequently visit. I've heard so many horror stories about assisted living homes, but this one is ridiculously nice. What first struck me about the facility was how beautiful and clean it was. Where my great aunt was staying, there were individual apartments. My great aunt had carefully arranged hers, and it seemed a lot like her home, only different. When I would visit, we'd tour the grounds, enjoying the gardens and hang out by the playground. My great aunt always seemed to be in the middle of scheduled activities, many of which seemed more fun that anything I was doing at school. It also always comforted me that the facility is literally a stone's throw away from a major hospital. My great aunt passed away recently, but I'm happy she spent her last few years there, among her many friends, surrounded by life, activity and beauty.

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  • Diabetic
  • Low fat
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  • Renal
  • Vegetarian


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  • Lowest monthly rate: 2,075
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